My mind is lost in clouds of bliss

in a land where the silence of emptiness rings on air

and the softness of peace cocoons the soul.

Manic moves come to abrupt endings

and I stand on the edge of the reflections

wondering what it is I now see within.

Lost at times yet still searching,

wandering the mind like a bohemian child,

the lost chord is waiting to be found

and the bells of the winds beckon to follow.

I need to be here in this place

where endless skies kiss the peaceful water

edged by land that left no prints behind,

forging forward to the destiny and faith

breathing in the slivers of dryness

parched lips sing hymns of patience

and set free the song of a time of believing.

I come to ask the clouds for their wisdom,

the drops of harmony and life-giving measure

caught in a cup and sipped slowly,

savored for the life force it gives.

beautiful image found at;  http://vicki73.deviantart.com/art/Endless-Skies-179350061

Chasing the moon

Night orb moves through
Calling me from this restless sleep
As somewhere
Out there he moves in the darkness
Chasing the moon.
I stand beyond the glass
Haze of pink nestles the form
So far away
Yet so close.
Changes taking place
In thoughts and words and
Butterfly houses empty
Waiting to be filled
With the joy of sun,
As she will come to wash away
With morning rain the silence
Of a midnight moment
Where the waiting happens
For the magic to begin.
Thoughts race to the emptiness
Of the night sky lit
By a beautiful moment
She wonders if she will remember
Another day and place
Similar to this one
As the journey propels the body
Her soul flies free for but a moment
In that space in time
Where life is eclipsed by truth
And she has returned to find
The family she left behind
Searching for
Her new day
In the emptiness between sentences
And the images
That time cannot forget.
The sweetness of history reborn
Dancing amongst Luna’s beams
Alone yet not so
For her thoughts occupied with the music
In the symphony of now.

Beautiful image captured by my father.

a reflection

Sing to me of youth
Reflections of yesterday
When the days seemed to last
Forever and a night,
When tired was not something
We wanted or knew
When time ticked away
Till bells rung
Releasing us from the bonds
Of learning,
To escape to the field in the sun
With laughter and friends
And childhoods that seemed
To take forever to end.
Where rainy day puddles
Were cherished
And everything moved
So slowly at times,
Seeming to last forever.
Where are the days
Of yesterday dreams
No rushing
No quota
No workday without end.
Where are our passions
Lost in the day to day
Living for that vacation
Sunny beaches
And days that end much much to soon.
When did we become those we said
We never would,
When did our souls wither
And pine away
For yesterday
Once more.