Nostalgia (haiku)

Sundays with Grandpa

Happy forest family

Reptiles lurk below.


Lumbering giants

friends who come to save the day

Moments remembered.


Black and white world then

life filled with easier times

captivated awe.

Went kayaking the other day and saw a gator a few feet away churning in the water, and now images of the old Tarzan “movie for a Sunday afternoon” days keep bubbling up in my mind. Nostalgia at its best.


We hear words that take us away

memories of holiday and days of long ago,

gathering bittersweet and weighing it out

plucking the beautiful and leaving the rest go

to re seed another day,

a chance encounter with our history

each berry of thought strung along

on stems of growth.

Our arms grow wider to encompass many

trying to carry them along on our way

perhaps to save the sweetest for a rainy day

as we linger behind panes of glass

longing to once again play

at games of life we had forgotten.

Red light green light step over the crack

hopscotch through each memory with a smile

wondering where did all of this time go,

mismatched clothes of hand-me-downs

and sneakers just a bit too tight

for money so short

we never asked for more

for enough was just enough

and as we lay down to sleep

her hands lovingly touch the vase

of colors we had plucked in fields

down the dusty dirt path

where we explored just a bit too far

and found the highway of souls rushing past,

we retreated back into the safety

of the wilderness safari,

observing the frogs and grasshoppers

and moving things

when life was easy

and thoughts not so cluttered by today,

bittersweet remembrances

of yesterday once more.

Always more

New stars rise up to greet

the faintest edge of the night sky

I wonder why

it becomes so bright

when memories are carried along

for the ride home.

Seems like each day we wake

to find another the skies did take

and it is no surprise when the time comes

and the journey ends

the light flickers beyond my thoughts

as it is placed amongst the others,

so many this year I say but know

it has always been this way and will be

forever more.

We chose our place to move and learn,

to reach for dreams and live our lives

and some so short

some seem so long

but it is the common thread in the end,

we all return from whence we came

diamond dust scattered to guide those who travel

and chart their course by that unremembered place,

the compass within carrying us

to the realm of the universe

and the possibility of so much more

beyond what we think it is

that we see.

Thoughts this morning as 2016 inches closer to its end course and so many people lost this year, but the journey is ours to live and to appreciate each day we are given, to follow the stars we see and move amongst in dreams. Loving this universe more with each day that passes ❤