Calm waters

She waits on the edge of life as it happens,

casually watching from a watered world,

gentle and languid she moves going nowhere,

the mermaids tale waits to be told.

What does she gather behind smiling eyes,

where magic comes together and can formalize

into something amazing and the sense that will be

as she swims in pools of a universal eternity.

Silently she ponders the sun and moon tides

and slips below the surface to count her stars,

as they edge into the corals of this beautiful life

soft the grasses move as she passes

for she is among those she calls friends

and love is heard in the songs of the sea,

shadows of clouds break to let in the light

and blue-green water beckons the sailor to come near,

with a flick of her tail she dives to the depths

knowing the eyes follow the movement of ripples

she will rise when she’s ready

hearing the call of the lulling rain

washing upon the soul of her life.



We unearth our treasures unknowingly,
lost bones gathered on silent sand
washed ashore like mermaid souls,
quietly wandering in ghostly apparitions.
We gather together
bits and pieces of a dying life,
what once moved with the undulating sea
now tossed aside like yesterdays trash.
Picked by clever hands
stowing away into the gaping empty bag,
fossils of a thousand years away
yesterday cleaned and tucked into jars
kept in the sun and cherished.
We unbury mementos as we walk along
not searching for the particular
just these gifts from the sea offered
waiting for the eye to catch
to silently wonder in awe
just what it is that is finally found.
What once was so strong,
carried on the back and found so deep
majestic creatures that still inspire
yet dwindling in numbers we cast our eyes outward
searching for sight or sound,
for we know they will sing
though we may never hear the song,
we know the beat of the waves
from cradle to the grave,
we become one with this history
unburied and gifted
and loved.

A photo of my finds at the beach yesterday, a whale vertebra, a shell with a peaceful little heart broken through it, and what I think is some sort of dead coral, rather stiff yet pliable….thought it was a fish carcass at first. Just thought I’d share my finds, have yet to wash off the sharks teeth, another small bag in itself. The whale vertebra is the size of my palm. Very cool finds 🙂

Balance of image

If I send these words to the earth

To realms where those who do not speak

The language set forth,

Without an image would they be

Something akin to song,

Melodious mutterings of landlocked mermaids 

and skies that stare at us as we sleep at night,

Would they make sense if said in a kind voice

Soft and easy as a flower petal in your hand,

We close our eyes and hear that which we long to,

As Stevie sings to me

In your mind you think you know,

Wonder or Nicks,

Would it matter if I told,

Or do you see a portrait in your mind

Of what song it could be,

I could give you a picture

Wrap a thousand words humbly around it

Like a brown fiber ribbon braided into circles

Worn by the girl in the field

And a muse whispers secrets of a world without understanding

And I can’t help but think

That its gonna be okay

As long as the words fit

Like a warm jacket on a snowy day,

Or a love that never dies

But just keeps overflowing

Like words that whisper of a falling star

Wished upon and found to be understood

By every soul

Who feels.

It was Stevie Nicks by the way….but I love Stevie Wonder too….words in song paint such lovely portraits, I left it blank so you can imagine the space as your own, in your mind anything goes.

Mermaid winter

She waits on frozen shores

Winter cuts her to the bone

Time to escape to find warm sunny rays,

Mermaid muses on cloudy days.

Swimming into the frigid depths

Finding the surface where the sun waits smiling

She feels the ice melt from her veins

Home again on white sand shores.

Songs of summer remembered

The sights and sounds of days of heat

Rippled air of oasis awaits

She sets her hair free to fade

On a piece of salty land

Her hands dip into the deep warm sand

And she scatters shells like diamond dust

At ease in her place

By the distant sea.

She sings a song of peace and joy

Of cold hard places she lets those fall away,

And beckons those to join her here

Embracing the beauty of her place of blue

Sparkling waves under a winter orb,

Of sand and sun

And the white glistening moon,

To sit a spell and watch the tide

Moving her from side to side,

Drifting into the ocean of bliss.

Into the light of sunshine

She meanders below the blue
Searching beds for treasure
Shiny bits of magic
Dreams of glistening drops
Reflected by the light of sunshine.
She listens to the hush
The underworld of oceans
Rocking motion moves her
Back and forth
Her path of waves in wind.
She looks above in strength
Knowing where she needs to go,
Surfacing to the air that fills
Her soul with warmth untold.
Ships pass unaware
As she watches him move above
His slow easy motion she senses
His energy quiet and strong
He gazes out into the distance
Feeling a gaze of eyes burning bright
Smiling she moves so close
Her mosaic world of hues of water
His wooden vessel skimming her path
He knows there’s something out there
Waiting and unseen,
He lifts his hand to the wind that blows
And she knows this is indeed
Her destiny.
She rises up into the light of sunshine,
Exposing herself
Her feelings
Her soul
As time stands still he smiles gently
And she knows this is her way
To home.

Thinking of mermaids and sunshine for my dear muse Kat. Always one to inspire stories and thoughts of the sea and the sunshine we rise to greet with each morning we awaken.