Simple? Questions

Life’s little challenges,
To ask ones self,
Who are you?
When you look into the mirror each morning,
Are you happy with what you see?
What are the dreams you long to live,
To have come true,
What wishes to pursue?
What is the wall
That holds the fear in,
What stops this movement
Towards all you want?
How do you move past
That which doesn’t suit,
Which hinders the progress,
Or when you look there in the looking-glass,
Is it really YOU stopping you from becoming,
From being
From getting out there and doing
And making the dreams reality.
I ask myself these and many more
And then I ask again
And again finding the root cause
Coming to the truth
Coming into knowledge
Of who
Of what
Of where I am going,
Of what is meant to be.

Not my usual fare, but just sharing some thoughts on a challenge I am taking.
Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?


Beautiful wish

She looks into the glass
smoothing the lotion on her face
tuscan honey scent drifts on air,
hair mussed up
she runs the brush through
and looks up in awe
someday I am going to be
so beautiful like you.
She squints up her eyes
making faces at the reflection
pretending shadows layered on eyes
purses her lips in exaggerated kiss
smiles at herself
yes, I am going to be as beautiful as you.
She mocks a curtsy and bows to the form
and gets the same in return,
ah yes she thinks
almost there
one last push of fingers through hair
With a laugh she turns
her heart so happy
her beauty shines and I hear a laugh
as I stand beyond the door.
I am a princess she says
shining through her inner light,
no need for wishes child,
you have all you need
faith in yourself and no insecurity
saucy smile for one so young
a beautiful hope that simply is
in your sweet innocent mind
come to life as you wished.
The smile captures
the soul of pure joy,
the heart so giving,
beautiful wish so true.

Pieces of the past

No reflection stirs the mood
No eyes looking back
To critique
To peer with disdain
Ancient wood
Holding memories
And life
And light
But no perfect mirror to see
What I know is there.
No need for vision
With inner shadow
Exuding hope
For tomorrow pieces
To fall in place
This corner
Stirs emotion,
Dressers now filled
With paper and words of life.
Left behind the moths
Ages ago,
Tiny white wings,
That gnawed the finest things
Without a care,
leaving destruction
Holes in memories
Refilled now
With blessings and hope.
For a looking-glass
Whole once more,
With careful hand
Piece by peace
And love
Sanded lightly
With blessings