Higher Love (a duet)

Slipping through,
Behind me I sense you
A daily taunt, a tease…
As the tides rise at your command
I watch smitten…..

When today decides to marry
A new day, a dark veil descends
I relay, rather, reflect
The best you choose to give
The light, from your form
Brings me to their attention
Hides my darkness
As I orbit around their home…

I wake from a moving slumber
Feeling your cold cool loveliness caress
As you cover me like a glowing glove
My blush rises from behind
Radiating the warmth
As I burn through this space
Glancing as I watch you
Proud and silently slipping away….

… Slipping away,
Or so it seems, to them
For departing, means arriving
On the opposite side
Of this terrestrial plain
Time consciousness on infinity,
Never missing a beat, consistently
Gracing us with that light you,
In the simplest form,
Shine persistently.

I wait for you
Like a reflection in the mirror
I know you are there
Essences of my favorite shades,
We work the line
Invisible and steady
Knowing the cord reaches unseen
I am tied to you
And you to me

My friend and fellow blogger Michael from Original Dante and I have come together to create a cosmic love duet between the sun and the moon. As the timing is right, the full moon hanging about often this week in the presence of the sun, we were delighted to find the words that just seemed to be flowing perfectly. We have similar styles and I am so excited to have been able to create with a poet who I’ve always considered a master at his craft. I began the poem with Michaels verse to follow, etc…. Please stop by Michaels site and say hello, have a look around and enjoy his impressive writing.



Within these spaces

We linger within these spaces

captured in a reflection of beauty

gentle reminders for a deep breathing calm

miracles of time move us from darkness

into the spaces where light finds us waiting.

I had forgotten these things

as the cloud of sadness filled the thoughts with fear

I dove in like a parched soul so weary

hanging onto that which cannot be held,

until I stopped and became one

the color of a sunburst on a stem,

siesta blooms gracing the garden

by a loving mans hands.

I stepped out of the depths that tried to submerge me

eager for the hands that were always patiently waiting

to offer a healing thought,

a loving prayer for the beings I so love.

I need to be in this space more

allowing my hands to move with the flow of the words

pent-up too long needlessly,

not for fear but for the hurt and ache that leveled my mind,

I see the clouds moving in that will bring a welcome rain

and the blooms that are and those that will be

hold their faces up for the nourishment

that only a kind world can give,

and I shall be grateful and humble at the little things

never taking for granted the little or big moments

for they all shine.

I will overcome this moment and it shall pass

leaving me satiated and content

in the grace of gifts.

I have been absent for a little while, scared senseless for our little dog Chi and I thank you all so kindly for your words and prayers. She sits watching me write, and it feels so very good to be a little more at peace. The flower is a Siesta hibiscus that hubby picked out yesterday and planted outside of our bedroom wall, along with a mystery gardenia (2 actually), some spiky pretty pointy palmy things and alongside the pool, another gardenia and some Ixora plants that have dainty little flowers on them. The jasmine is beginning to bloom and I am breathing in and out, enjoying the moments and just letting things work in the way that they have to. Here is another pic of the siesta beauty. Stay warm and safe if you’re up North/East and thank you again for being the beautiful people of my world. Kim


Moon haiku

Cheshire smiling sky

Moonlight laughs at us below

wishbone out of reach.

I attempted to take some photos last night of the moon and her pal that sat beside, and as I downloaded the images to my computer, realized the star? or planet beside had turned into a wishbone. Couldn’t resist a fun moon haiku.




I am always amazed by the simple things

the serendipitous moments that find me

like the sweetest blessings,

like words from afar just because

or standing strong in the face of fear

and realizing what looked so large

was something more like a speck of nothing,

the way I can laugh then

wondering if it is the moon

taunting and toying with me-

cat and mouse

in a game where there are only winners

and the pain and tiredness slips under the sheets

like the magician

here then poof “gone”.

What are these, quiet moments below the glow above

as it watches me

gracing my shadow with its presence

creating the length where I pounce upon the darkness

like a modern-day superhero

and it jumps too, where I cannot win this game

in this way

yet if I go below where it doesn’t see

and can’t capture me in silhouette

I make my own shadows with fingers

like when I was young,

and I know as I write this

I feel at times like a pleasantly surprised 5-year-old,

often amazed by the simple little miracle like things

surrounding me,

changing the perspective to not fear the darkness,

but to create my own whimsy characters in light-

because I believe I can

I make it happen

like magic,

I smile and wave goodnight

to sweet Luna who will continue its watch

upon this soul who knows

it’s all magical

and it’s all good.

The Falling of Stars

Into the night I move in restless sleep
moon filters in to whisper sweet words on dreaming ears
and I feel you beside me
four years gone, you still speak.
I rise and move through darkened halls
and slip beyond into the moon lit yard,
fireflies hover in jungle gardens
and I know you’ve come once more.

The streak moves through the midnight skies
and I reach out a hand to touch the memory
of days gone by and your essence that lingers
as the stars fall one by one
I call your name softly to the winds
and smile to feel a warm tingle I had never forgotten
the gentle form that leans along my side.

Ashes remain where a soul once stood
yet you tease me still with these private shows,
I inhale the jasmine that scents the shadows
and I hold out my hand one last time
bid adieu to the silent boy
as the clouds move by to block the view
and you walk away silently content,
I know you still hear my heart
that always beats for you.


He says they are never good enough,

yet sends me the moon that he sees,

perhaps he held it in his hand before it fell

captured in ripples that landed at his feet.

Weathered and tired at times

I hear in the voice between sentences

the font of a father so far

distance can never keep apart

when we stand beneath the same orb

feeding us with the light she gives.

He captures her, one after another after another

and pockets them in the electric mail

sent with love from somewhere up above

and I smile knowing we share

that same love

the same eyes that see as we look up,

remembering the feelings of forgiveness

for below her

everything is real and sacred

and nothing can ever be hidden from the light

when shared between one soul to another,

like small pebbles in our hands

still warm from love passed

from a father to a daughter

I think they’re beautiful

and a gift that’s always just enough.

My father emailed me yesterday and sent some photos he had taken of the super Moon, as usual saying his skills are lacking, I thought I would share the one I liked best. Men fish below her light and I’m sure the tides were full and deep. I hope they caught a lot, as my father has. I’m proud and honored. They are beautiful to me, reflections in the water, from a man to his daughter.


Did you know, did you feel

as I held you gently in the palm of my hand,

you, the precious pearl of my night sky,

of my dreams.

Did you feel the warmth

as my energy and yours twisted together

and we danced in an arc of beauty

rolling gently in my hand

like a bottle on the sea

lost yet searching for a home.

Did you sense me through your curtains,

tucked away shyly,

how you would peer out demurely

sweet white porcelain geisha

fanning herself with clouds,

inviting me into your circle

of illumination,

to sit and admire you

to long to know the feel of your surface.

You nudge the water to heights

washing over my legs with cool crisp salted wetness,

I taste the wind upon my lips,

licking them away I taste the brine

and you tuck away once more

leaving shadows behind

as I stare one last time as you depart,

believing for just a moment

that I saw you wink softly with a smile

as you crept below into nothingness

chased by the fire that rose to reclaim its time.

Broken pieces

Moon flickers off the hues of nature

pieces washed ashore from a thoughtless sea

I hold worn life in tired hands

smoothly stroking the remnants left behind

from anothers’ carelessly thrown away vessel

broken by a hundred storms

now safe at rest in a box tucked in deep.

My mind rests amongst the edges

no discernible cut to see,

worn smooth like a worried sandbar chafing

over and over again

tossed and turn by the whims of the waves

and I know I am like each one,

softened through time

no longer a semblance of a former self,

not so transparent

yet still allowing the light to shine through

like a stained glass soul

I sit amongst those of my kind

brought together to be here now

and I find the peace in the piece.

There is beauty in the brokenness of these souls,

each a story from somewhere

torn apart by time and space

yet still remaining whole

and still so very beautiful.


“I told you that we could fly, ’cause we all have wings but some of us don’t know why.” INXS playing on IHeart radio…inspiring the thoughts….and yes…I collect sea glass….very few to find these days due to plastics but I suppose that in itself is a good thing? Peace and blessings. K ❤


Set free

I walked into the softness of a morning broken

soundless skies speak and the moon hangs

like a balloon that has lost it’s string yet hovers

just out of reach

floating gently on this calm sky

and I watch in wonder

set free in thoughts of how many others

see the same image

and dream through the rest of their day

of a stunning ball of white

saying adieu

as the sun greets and takes charge

of this spectacle

in her power she glistens off of the same sky

sharing the moment

in perpetual silence.

Beautiful Image found at:  http://fineartamerica.com/featured/blue-moon-july-full-sturgeon-moon-robin-samiljan.html



The bliss of Sara

Moonlit skies in forever dreams

Filter in between the seams

Of lovers tales and beauty spun

On hanging moons

Nestled high above.

She calls to fruition the heavens light

And moves in shadows on darkest nights

To find the peace just resting there

And glides on the image in loving care

Under summer skies and spells of this

The perfect image,

Is Saras bliss.

Conjured of a single wish

She sends the strength, the heart, the kiss

To this earthen place she calls her own

Her journey complete

She’s finally home.

An image taken of the moon and its reflection in a magical place, Sara Smith photos her landscape and the love shines through in a quiet magic.