Voice of a dream

Lost in the atmosphere,
moon slips in and out of cosmic clouds
patterned after my thoughts
on this cold-hearted night.
Luna Moon sits gently waiting
and I know at dawn I will find here there still,
sailing high in the blue sky
like an eye on the mere mortals
that scurry below on grounded roads.
Where would we go if we could fly to touch
her stoic white porcelain face,
to float in her space
paying homage to the beauty found,
would we come crashing to the ground
when all was said and done,
as her fickle self kept moving
round and round,
would she speak to us once more
through the dreams we cherish,
curled in the warm cotton cocoon waiting,
would she spin us in her orbit
like small children again,
merrily we would roll along
beside her mighty form
and so very small we would be
dancing in her shadow
in and out of the light of the cloud
that shrouds her at times,
she always finds us though
waiting….always waiting for more,
another glimpse
and another space between slivers of days
that pass as fast as she
on cold November nights.

Image found on Pixabay

We all shine on

Waiting in the wings
flickers of moonlight fill the mood
overflowing buckets of stars falling
shining on like diamonds
we wonder why
grounded on sand
how can we be
as bright as thee.
Twinkling silver dots the sky
whispers of the wind slip by
calling us to higher things
knowing the gifts this life always brings,
we stand together in darker days
time moving in its wondrous way
we cling to the wishes
granted by stars
aware of who and why we are
drifting through space
the human race
to share the love
is all it takes.

A poem for all of my blogger friends, Sheldon who asked for more art particularly, a rhyming bit for the G man, hope and love to gift to E and more,
so many to name but if you’re reading, know you are included. We all shine on….always.
Artwork created with watercolors, swarovski crystals (the stars) and OPI nailpolish (My voice is a little Norse) color an hour ago ❤ and unfortunately, my camera did not do the colors justice, moon is a shade of crimson mixed with a whole bunch of others I don't remember 🙂 that's how I roll 🙂


Under night skies she waits
the whirl of the wind scattering leaves
raining down upon her head
the heady scent of crackled oak dried
in its death dance falling all around.
Full moon comes calling
as she speaks her incantations
108 repeated thoughts
filling the spaces where pain once waited
now stuffed with the cottony softness of peace.
Strings of stone plucked with love
tied between each the elegant knot
Angelite, Lapis Lazuli and blue agate
the colors of her space
crowned with a solitary violet
that speaks to who she is
with prayers of peace sent round and back
the blue world rounded
endlessly spinning we stand unaware,
watching the ghost of a harvest light
captured in the sky like a beacon
we close our eyes as the words fall free,
endlessly we repeat the I am and know
as we become one,
forever part of the whole
she moves the crystals in circles
softly speaking the words it gave
to the open heart
that accepts.

A friend of mine is handcrafting me a Mala, in the colors of blue that she immediately thought of when I inquired about them. I had never been a huge fan of blue, and with the recent letting go of the Blue Kahuna car and knowing my writing space is fondly known as the blue room, was in agreement with her as long as she put in one purple special stone for me. She will lay them out tonight in California beneath the full moon, blessing them in a way that I would too. Look forward to getting it when she mails it out tomorrow. I will post an actual picture of it when I get it. Blue is also the color of my Tibetan singing bowl….guess I’m turning into the blue girl….but still love purple ❤