breaking dawn

We stand in quietest thought

watercolor skies fill the soul with a peace,

tranquility knows what the heart feels

as the water lays smooth at my reach.

Boats bob gently in the harbor

old worn lines tether her to the dock

as birds walk without a sound

long slender necks dip below the ripples

gathering their morning food

and I watch the hues wishing

for paper and paint to capture the sight

greeting me with a proper good morning shine

reflected off the fin

as dolphins swim towards the places

where the sun will rise

and I too will be there to greet the light

rocking on the green blue water

anticipation for the day to come,

we move into the waiting sea

balancing our bodies

and quenching our souls

with visions of this breaking morning paradise.

Went fifteen plus miles out fishing yesterday on a boat on the Gulf of Mexico, caught a few, tossed back a few, and managed to keep my stomach in check so as to not embarrass myself as a sea-tosser of yesterdays supper. A good day, caught some color too and after six hours, decided I must be getting old as I needed a proper nap to catch my energy back up. The boat and some ocean pics. All photos by me 🙂




Morning bliss

Cool air greets the eyes that slowly wake,

The scent of coffee in the darkness

Five twenty and not yet time to move,

Yet I sit here ready,

To stretch out the body coiled too long

Wrapped in yoga pose around the lumps of sleeping dogs,

I greet the day with a smile.

I dreamt of a bird who found me,

In a beautiful shade of green and yellow

Perched in my hand and so cold

And I held it carefully wondering what to do

So I sat it down and set it free, yet it followed me.

Now I have a cat…so it wouldn’t be welcome like that

For the kitty dislikes the things in flight

And for fear of the life

I sat it on my shoulder and went to work,

Yet I no longer go there,

Then found a snake but left it alone

No place for that in the full menagerie

And I woke refreshed

And I sit and drink my brew

Warm and lifting as good coffee can do,

Pondering the midnight thoughts

That brought me to this moment

And the birds will wake soon

As the sun finds its way to greet us

Smiling on a Tuesday morn,

Blessed at the wonder each day brings

And the gift of imagination set free


A good night sleep and up before dawn, had some very strange dreams surrounding animals (not our little digits but found species), still wondering what it all meant yet at peace as I sip my coffee. Life is good indeed. Have a peaceful and blessed day, good morning friends💜

as a post note…look what I found on our walk this morning sitting by the road in the grass, and yep, we let him follow us home 🙂 not a green and yellow bird but the cat won’t eat him 🙂