Upon a thought of movement

We are quicksand lives

mired and murky in their naivety

waiting for the next flash of something

anything to change the colors that spin

out of our control

like dancing fireflies which mesmerize

we fall silent in their beauty,

in their simplicity.

Jealous in fact I think,

as they flit about like monarchs

so seldom seen yet still revered,

we watch in fascination

enraptured by their beauty

longing to be light

buoyant like air.

Skies change like minds


quickly as each day passes

and we move in our directions

when the light changes granting pardon

and we scurry across like rabbits watched

by waiting dogs,

never knowing when the texter may move forward

unaware at what transpires behind the wheel

though in the wrong

clueless to the life that moves

beyond the capsule

of airbags and roll bars,

a hapless victim of the new day.

We heed the call within

at times understanding the words unspoken,

to breathe and move

in an unhurried pace,

to reflect and embrace

to just be at one for a minute

while the stars pass by

unnoticed at times

when framed in the image

of a spring time moon.

A kite life

Soaring high above where only birds tend to meander, aimlessly dipping and turning and moving on a thread and invisible wind, a shark dances playfully upon a cloudless sky. I shelter my eyes from the rays of a sun that bears down as I watch high above, wondering where it will land. Below the sight, swimmers frolick in rolling seas, indifferent of the sight above them and a man holds a child’s hand as they guide the fearsome shark towards the sea. The child looks at his fathers face as a smile from ear to ear playfully fills his little tanned face. A family vacation perhaps, moments spent playing kite instead of video games, and a lesson taught on guiding winds and honest time spent in the presence of a loved one. 

I watch them for a few minutes, leaving with only an image of the kite, not wanting to intrude on a father and son moment with my iPad camera. The kite still hung high above as if circling the swimmers in the sea and I kept hearing the theme from Jaws play on the soundtrack of my mind and I smile within to have seen this view today. I glanced at the beach goers, talking on cell phones or sleeping as their bodies burnt in the noon day sun and felt sad for the real fun they were missing out on. Talking to one another, playing together instead of being lost in a device, society today where everything is hurried or in need of constant entertainment. 

I tried once to fly a kite but with no one to teach me, failed miserably and got it stuck in a tree where it was ripped into pieces on some branches….never tried again much to my disappointment but here in this space and time, I could watch and imagine myself holding the string, dancing that beast on the wind with a smile from ear to ear, pretending to be a kid once again, living a moment of sublime glee. And for a moment I was that child, and the peace and memory will live on long after the shark lands and the sun sets down gently upon a tranquil sea.

A quiet place of dreaming

I know she will come

Through the night shades and clouds

Caught between midnight dreams and waking

She will find me.

I will stand with eyes bright

Gazing at the spectacle of stars

As they drift in and out of focus

In this quiet place of dreaming.

Soon there will be a sound of water

The lapping of simple waves at low tide

Returning to their distant shores

And I will leave prints of my being

Marked upon the universe of pages

Turned slowly and savored.

I will unite with her here

Where the horizon meets the ocean,

With an embrace of knowing

I will be home

In the arms of the cosmic love

That pulls me forward

To greet a new tomorrow.

The silly moon kept playing games with me last night in sleep, waking me several times as she moved across the sky, slipping between the edges of the curtain before she slipped away again. Silly moons make me smile. 

Cast away found

Solitary traveler
Stars to guide the compass pin
Direction swept into the wind,
The search for Neptune’s muse
Following rays to the depths
Of bottomless blue seas.
Gypsy van passes by
A thousand colors move
Liquid Mercury bodies undulating
Schools giving shadow
Blocking the sun.
He builds his castles
The shifting sands of time
Recreating images into concrete
Solidly stand against the hurricane.
Prints washed clean
No echo remains to mark passing
Of another day swept into the dustpan sail,
Shaken out with the memories
Leaving only clean smooth white sheets
And empty pages calling for voice,
To give life and breath
To the sages of eternity.
Dreams of finding carried along
Rocking and rolling gently,
White capped waves pulling with the whims
As the moon too, changes
A cast away sinking
To rise once more,
Coming home to the journey
That time borne a million eons ago,
Yet still just a blip
On the sonar of life.

Standing still

Idle thoughts of wildflowers
Colors that bring smiles
Under sunny summer skies
And time stands still
In this space between wondering
And knowing
As the second hangs suspended
Like a dust mote floating
On invisible wind.
Paths taken forward
Through winding moments spent
Waiting for nothing
As this quantum minute
Exceeds space.
Singing a song that makes me happy
As the sun shadows move farther away
And the broken piece still stays
Motionless where so much packed in
To this endless hour
That never changes yet like an cup filled
And emptied
And refilled once more
With idle thoughts in colors
Of lavender and yellow
Pinks and hues of skies so blue
Irrelevant is the time that passed
In the eternal scheme
With hands that lay still
Marking nothing but a thought
Of here and now.

Driving to work today, passing some wildflowers growing by the side of the road I thought of time standing still and how time wouldn’t matter because like a broken watch, the moment is always there at the same time as it was when it stopped, yet we move on and in the big scheme of things, time at this moment is just not relevant.

The stage is set (blue moon mood)

Sweet blue moon thoughts
Carry me down the road
You hang so low in an infant sky
Silver orb plucked
From the cosmic moment
To stand alone
Your ovation nearly complete
As the lights rise on this stage
Morning sun stealing in
Capturing the audiences gaze
As if to say “Look at me”
In your Red-yellow gaze
Vibrant cabaret,
Thunderous applause in song
Crows caw breaks the stillness
Perhaps in protest of losing the cover
Of darkness.
Circle round day after day
Yet sold out today
As the glistening grass gleaming
And moisture silver fog
Hangs low in the air
A treat for the senses
As I keep moving through
On my way to now.

Thoughts this morning on my commute with sun behind me rising, moon hanging on trying not to slip away quite yet and the fog that comes and goes like these passing thoughts. Photo taken with iPad so sorry for the not so great quality. Peace at dawn. Blessings, K

Rivers of gold

Sun falls in shining splendor
As mind moves like ships
Passing images on the shore
Of yesterday thoughts,
Sliding down
No oar to steer
Going where carried
By rippled movement
Set adrift these lazy days
Blinded by light reflected
On truth and mystery
Of knowledge gained
Turned away
The port lies behind
And I move silently
In the now.
Rivers of gold run
Into the seconds of afternoon sun
No hurry to arrive
Relaxed and dreams set aside
To live in this moment
As serenity fills
The heart that beats gently
Calm on the horizon
Raise the canvas to catch
The whispering wind
That calls us forth
To somewhere far
And away.

Smooth and free

Water washes gently
Feet sinking in bliss
Sun shines on the happy heart
Feeling alive
Feeling good.
Distant shores beyond
Everyplace is where
We long to be
Travelling the dreamscape
Of a mind on fire
All is possible
All will be.
Dreams flow through
The midnight hour surrenders
Coursing through
Eyes wide open shining
With the light of this life
With the hope of tomorrow.
Walking on air
Head laying on clouds
As the song filters through
Processed words to leave
A residue of moods
Carefree I move
I fly.

I awoke this morning before the alarm with a head that felt so light and happy. Not being a morning person I jumped up, had breakfast…not my norm mind you and I am just feeling like I am on fire with the happies today. Bliss rocks and life is good and sending you beautiful energy vibes to share.

Motion of living

Moving forward
This world a wave pushing me
In and out
Riptide tugging here then there
I float to escape into the horizon
To chart the course
Originally followed.
The sun shines like razors
Flashing into eyes
Blinding illumination
Reflected off of life
And into the soul
With clarity.
I reach out for land
Hands and knees pulling myself towards higher ground
Need to see the whole of it all
Not just one grain of sand
Under my nail.
The perfect shell tumbles along
Caught in the froth of a wave,
Gifts from the sea rolling
Come, see about me it calls
As legs move it along just out of reach.
I follow along the tiny prints digging into earth
Leaving zigzag marks as it skitters along,
It leads me to the grass
And I climb the dune to battered fences
And there before me a hundred perfect shells,
Shades of white and pink and lilac
Dainty specimens unique.
I reach down and pick one of the largest pieces,
Holding it up I hear the sounds
Of waves and the universe echoing to my soul,
This is life,
Journeys leading you
Moving you
Relax and follow
Or float and be carried out,
Or just to simply stop and listen
To the heartbeat within.
I hold my head up high
With eyes closed to the blinding sun,
I listen and breathe,
The beat of the waves on this earth,
The beat of the rhythm of my heart,
The music and motion
Of my life.

Here and now and then

I sit here in the now
Remembering the when
Pondering the why
And singing to the sky,
Contrast and beauty
And species so similar
So different why now
Not later? To bloom in spring
And die through summer?
I sit in the room
With no lights on
And no matter how dark
There is always color and light
The train at the station
Carries away
These thoughts for the day
On the how and the why
And the where
But not who
Because no one is there
At this moment but me
And my thoughts and my dreams
Like silly mysteries
Running down the track
To derail.
All of this from a flower
My words run
Purple and white
Like kingdom and pure
Or high school colors once more,
Worn in spring with the chill
Of a morning frost
Come calling.