Between the spaces

Life lies between
the here and there
the sliver of space that lingers
mirrored of one to two
hanging as if in limbo
becoming the greater whole.
I sit and smile at moments
that leave me questioning
the up or down
or even perhaps the horizon that moves
into endless sight
You are I
I am you
caught in this vortex of
where images move us to wonder
and the skies fill with the birds
of black shadows like clouds
resting down for but a moment
only to take flight,
leaving the impression within
that this too shall pass,
that we too shall move forward
to the greatness and wonder
we were meant to be part of
and that when dust settles
in our wake
we shall find ourselves
where we were meant to be.
But there will always be something,
no matter how big or small,
words or thoughts
and things invisible to the eye
in the space between everything.

A unique photo I took yesterday…had to share…mirrored image but actually bug sex….who would have thought? Still chuckling. Peace and blessings, K

Black water

You move through in darkness
A thought trickling through
Flash flood of memory
Sweeping away
Each yesterday lost.
Black waters running deep
Washing me away in a state
Of floating on waves
Of imagination.
What lies below unseen
Words and pieces
Sentences fragmented by a second
Of fractions divided
Then formed as whole
As images collide filling the senses
With the spectacle and awe
Of a perfect ripple
Moving from the center source
To the edges of the banks
Where grasses blow silently
Harboring the life below
Unseen yet there
As the black waters keep moving
Out to the endless sea.
Day or night you flow
Like a dream set adrift
Caught on the precipice
Of sleeping and awake
Swimming below the stars
To sink in the depths of darkness
Yet Saved by the lightness of being.

Into particulate (time passing)

Broom sweeps dust of years
Carcasses of insect
Leftovers from spiders lair,
Aged sustenance piled
A heap at the feet and I track
Particulate through my movement
No chance to capture the minutiae
As into the light of old windows
I see the time slip by.
Sun shadows grow long
And the scent of age lingers
In the cobwebs that brush my temples
And in the crevices a mouse’s meal
Nested in twigs and folded into the pan
Into the bag carelessly
They go.
I survey the hours spent
Empty boxes burned like the flames
That reach for the sky
Devouring each old bit
Floating to the sky
Black wisps charred
Rising to nestle amongst the green leaves
Then fall soundless back down
To this very ground
Becoming too,
Particulate of years
That disappear into dirt
Swirling below
These tired feet.

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