Waiting on a friend

Days beneath a sultry sun,

Sand and cypress scented air

Deep blue water and ice cold drinks,

Waiting on a friend.

To sit beneath the grassy fronds,

Wind whispering of life beyond

The waves and moon that will join us there

Waiting on a friend.

We will speak of things we remember with joy,

Of light and laughter without a care

As we feel the tension release its bonds

As we wait upon a friend.

Sunglasses on and tanning oil,

Mojitos or daiquiris to soothe the soul,

And as we pass the time I raise a toast

Waiting on a friend.

I see the faces with happy smiles

Those that come across a thousand miles

As day turns to night it will be like then

Sitting, and hanging with friends.

Saw this image of a cool tiki bar…..no, it’s not mine….just looking forward to a weekend that comes with a visit from friends back home and looking forward to all of the joyous days ahead.

Bunny blessings of cuteness….did I really post this? I think it was the dog….she’s over tired again….

I asked for Oreo cookies….not Oreo bunnies…..(shout out to Neha)

This is what happens to my ears when I think I’ve been bad….I’m never bad….at least I don’t think so….uh oh….am I in trouble?

This is Mom poolside….she didn’t see me take this…..haha…..gotcha….can I have a biscuit?

Mom and Dad before their morning walk doing yogurt by the pool….I just don’t get it…..

Mom gave me some broccoli the other day….this is what I thought….same thing when you feed her cooked spinach…..yeah, we kinda look alike.

Another of me as a youngun’ yeah, in trouble as usual….but with attitude (shout out to Tre) it’s all about the sass…..


Did I mention I think I like carrots….although I’m not sure….what carrot? I don’t see a carrot…..did you drop one?

Shout out to Grandpa R…repeat after me, two cups of rabbits do not make a stew…..Rabbits are not for stew….the only edible kind are chocolate….yeah….chocolate….although I’m a dog and can’t have chocolate….just saying…..

Like all good relationships, unique, special and totally rocking it Ma and Pa…..

Hey, who asked for Groucho Marx?

All you need is love and friendship….at least that’s what Ma says about her blogger friends….(shout out to too many to name….)

Here are more blogger friends…..gosh, does she have enough yet? You all know who you are……

Here’s Moms prom picture……isn’t she the cutest thing? And no, you can’t have her, I’m a jealous dog and I do Not share (shout out to Jernee)

Hey look, it’s a squirrel….nah, it’s just my baby picture giving the high five because I’m a cool dog that way.

Hey, I think it’s an American Eskimo dog…I’ve got one for a friend….just don’t look at his butt….it gets a bit, shall we say…dirty? Not mentioning names…..sorry H…..

Uh oh, I think I hear Mom coming….sorry I took over for a bit, she would never post anything like this…she’s just not that creative…..but Happy Easter….maybe sometime I can pop in again with some cuteness, I’m all about the cuteness.

This post created by yours truly, little Chi….with inspiration from the lonely author and something about a whole lot of rabbits…..now shhhh….I’m gonna pretend to be asleep…

See…..sleeping…just like I said…..perhaps we can blame it on Apple….

Yeah…..she did it😊

WHY IS MY IPAD SEARCHING IMAGES OF RABBITS? Hmmmm…..I dunno….time for bed I think….

The darkness within

The dark forest looms ahead

Ghostly greens lay like blankets hiding

Things that move unseen,

Spanish moss hangs cobweb-like

Draped like a funeral shroud,

The eyes watch silently high in trees

As crows caw brings it’s fear and mystery,

And the hawk screeches as it take flight

Grasping at the movement in the night.

A scurry here I do not know,

But see the open spaces waiting

Like a den or lair for the hunters snare,

I don’t go in

I do not dare.

There is evil here on this stretch of road,

Where muddy wallows lay empty and waiting

For gleaming eyes to rise from below

In swamps murky and covered with moss and slime

Something moves and the goosebumps rise,

The hound stays close and gazes in

At something foreign and sinister,

We move past quickly,

No time to waste

As the rustling comes closer

Perhaps were too late.

Just a little thought on the creepy spaces between yards down here where I imagine the monsters and slithery creatures tucked away waiting to jump out and scare….all in fun, the hounds are prepared.