Never Ready For The Moment

Meditation moments unfurl

as spears of light break through,

never prepared for the moment

we rush to gather tools

to capture fleeting images,

never realizing it lives

in the recesses of a memory.

I walk beneath whimsical clouds

mocking my eagerness

as flowing, floating lumps gather

to block the white light,

replaced with a melancholy

as I know this moment

will never return,

that I won’t feel that wonder

of rays peering through to find

the magical place that received


in that very blink of an eye.

I move forward,

allowing the world to flow through

crown chakra to below

where crystals lay in crust

beneath my footsteps

waiting, soothing with energy,

it flows like miracles,

this is coming home.

Winds of Peace

A kind wind blew

as sleep surrendered to dreams,

the ringing of tiny metal fragments

filled their music tones

for the world

to hear.

Calmness of spirit stills

as the visions carry peace,

and you are everywhere still

like a solemn song moving through,

as the wind moves

I breathe the air you hold

like running water

cupped in hands


In this moment I linger

at one with All

in your presence I am Love

vibrating outward,

blessed with a gift of being

everywhere and nowhere,

I am the I am

and one with creator.

Thoughts on the passing of Thich Nhat Hanh… A gift to the world whose words and intention stir within us still. 🕉

Spirit Traveling

Her memories drift higher

as spirit travels

in lucid dreams,

carrying the load through

as she bounces on bliss,

to lightly touch down

for feather soft landings.

The world toys with life

like cat and mouse

playing hide and seek,

and she peers into the darkness

searching for light she finds

a kinder place to linger,

deep in the trenches of heart.

Rise above,

sweet child of the universe

and take the strings that play

the violins soothing tune,

float on goodness and smile

at the coming of a new day happening

before your eyes.

The beauty surrounds those that see

and she will share her gifts

with a humble heart.