Pursuit of pierogi

New skills enabled
as the motions step by step,
moving through the room with a sway
as music drifts along with the beat,
rhythm of the hands mixing
smooth and silky love
chilling in the box till done.
Pursuit of pierogi
breaths taken in the seconds between
the wait and the do,
surface prepared with care
and the poem fills this space
when the time comes to create
little bits of beauty I pray
and a meal for another day.

Trying my hand today at a new endeavor, cheese, potato and onion filled pierogi. I’ve been told how difficult they can be but I’m up for the challenge. Could be ugly but should be edible, will know tomorrow as ribs on tap for today, football after all. Go team!

Not my pierogi seen here but a previous happy one made by someone at a church. Hope mine smile too😊

A change of form

We dream in color of things unseen
hear the whisper of the winds come calling,
change it’s gotta come,
get tired of the waiting
wondering which direction to follow,
yet the heart it keeps on beating
as we ignore the signs before our eyes-
It is within us to find
to change the mind,
to dance naked in the moonlight as lightning flashes
the electric air felt deep inside.

The calling of a heartbeat that lasts past the depths of time,
leading us onward to uncharted places and spaces,
diving deep to find the treasure waiting
or the simple joy of something new and fresh-
We will keep moving towards that thing,
that something that never stops calling-
as we sleep through the night,
eat without pause,
wonder without answer
we are driven to take that step
to see where it will lead,
perhaps to fall,
to fail
but maybe perhaps to unearth it all
as it waited patiently for us
to slow down and see
what was always waiting
right before our eyes.

As you can see here I’ve made a few changes to the site, let me know your thoughts, good and bad, what may be missing and what you think. I kind of like it so far, but it’s only been a few minutes, we’ll see.
Peace and blessings,

Accidental fun

Flipping through virtual lands

unexpected finds lead to tipping minds

and accidental fun meets words on a date

with a page from the journal

of peace and poetry.

I cannot recall

nor had I known of existence

from the bowels of the box they rise,

bits and pieces baked together

like chocolate chips and kitchen sinks,

everything but as I sail the winds of time

skipping backwards in my mind

to places of skies and water

and I find the floating debris salvaged

and displayed on invisible shelves

in a blogger gallery

built by one yet seen by all.

I just found this image, somehow having downloading every picture I took a few years back in Key West, this one had me turning my head this way and that and seems a bit fitting for my whimsical mood today. A working day shortly and a siesta from the book writing as I got a bit of reading in and this, hope you enjoy and don’t hurt yourself turning this way and that. Peace and fun, always, Kim