Into light

The journey moved long into the night,

Past the stars and directional beacons

We navigated blindly yet not quite so,

Into the realm of a place called “new.”

It wasn’t on the map that led us forward

And we leaned into the twisting turning curves,

The harbingers of wrecks that could be found by those

Hurrying to the next destination,

Yet we had a calm between the two tin vessels,

Moving together in tandem,

Navigating the poles and emptiness that stood off to the side,

Ready and waiting to drag us in,

Almost like a rip-tide effect

And just as scary,

Except we knew where the path was,

And we followed the detours like tired sailers pushed into new currents,

Tossed by the winds and left ragged

Yet still content with the light that trickled through to find us,

And we kept on moving,

Kept on keeping on I think the song said,

And at the end a bright red sign

Turn here now to get back

To the place you left off,

Just a speed bump in the road,

Around a piece of real estate now covered in a mud slide

And I spoke through little boxes to you,

Feeling the heart rate return to a sense of normalcy

And the little yellow sponge smiling on the dashboard spoke in my thoughts,

It’s all gonna be alright…laughing in joy on his way

To a new day in paradise,

A caravan of tired souls ready to hang a sign,

Home at last,


Home at last.

Hello my friends, internet goes live Friday and life shall resume its new pace of peace and normalcy. Oh how I have missed you all, six hundred emails stocked up waiting to be read and wow, made it thirteen hundred miles in one piece, a tornado just past our first night stay in Cincinatti a town away, prayers to that towns folks and so many blessings that we made it. Sorry for my absence, eager to return and loving you all who stuck by us through our lapse in life as we knew it. Peace and blessings, Kim💜 Life is truly magical⭐️🌟✨🦄

Champagne sand (and borrowing Hafiz)

We walked along the shore on the birth of light of a new morning,

I could hear the waves rush in and fill the sand

Overflowing then back out again

And I hunched over like an old hunched backed lady

Searching for that ellusive trinket,

The black sharks tooth notorious down here

And I stopped

Not for anything in particular,

Just because someone whispered in my ear to stop and listen,

“Can you hear that” the voice said.

And I think it was Hafiz,

(Thank you Michael for that) because I see him at times,

Not in red of course, more of a multi colored illuminated coat of sparkles-

Almost as the elf on the shelf in a way

But more prized,

All full of mischief and good things though.

And as the water filled the sand around my feet

There was the sound,

And if I had to compare it to anything,

It was like a thousand bubbles in champagne

Jumping forth from the glass for a celebration,

But here I was at the beach and the New Years celebration,

Yes, it was that very night,

So many hours away and I knew myself enough to know 

I wouldn’t be up that far to greet that particular moment,
And I think he knew that and wanted me to celebrate in my own special way.

So I listened to the sounds and the ocean as it resided back into itself,

I found for but a moment in time forgot all about those ellusive little teeth,

And it was like the creation around me was reaching up,

I was looking, searching for that one special specimen,

But when looking about me came to realize,

It wasn’t about the treasure,

For I was living the treasure….with the water pulling and tickling my feet

And the laughter that sprang forth from within me I looked up

And there I saw a cloud drift by laughing too,

And I think you tipped your cap on your way back home

And I was so very content.

It is possible to find this contentment.

When I stopped searching,

The treasures found me stumbling about in bubbling surf

And a toast of all good things found me waiting on a friend

Who always delivers when least expected.

I found a tooth, or five, doesn’t matter,

I found a more special gift that is priceless

in the letting go

And The being 

and the simple joy of laughter

That I knew so long ago as a child

Sipping just a touch of champagne swirling about my toes below a yellow sun,

On just a day, yet still on a special day,

Just like every day that find me,

In the company of friends.

I had to dedicate this to my friend Michael over at Embracing Forever as his little friend Hafiz seemed to have found me far from my home on a beach searching, yet finding the unexpected and quite embracing the gifts of the day. The sounds of the water leaving the sand sounding like bubbles up a champagne glass. Happy sounds truly. I had to smile and still am as I pen this. 

Chasing rainbows

Dark skies threaten

Angry clouds hang low 

Seams split as glorious sun breaks through

Chasing rainbows it seems.

Moving forward to rise above

The storm gathering

I turn and close off the view

Of the darkness beyond,

Reaching within to find

A better moment than what always seems

Stormy weather.

Sleepless lay waiting, searching

In the threshold of lucid dreams

Knowing enough to let go.

Long days of eternity

Stretch out like lonely roads,

Needing to touch the light of color,

To leave the blank slate of blackness-

Chalk falls to the floor

Broken and crumbling under foot.

When nothing to say leaves a trace of dust

Impressions of a dying day

Emptied of its minutes

Spent at the five and dime

Touches of yesterday

Once more.

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Driving home from work yesterday, the darkest clouds of an approaching front, and a blinding sun in the rearview illuminating the various rainbows before me….no place to pull aside to get an image…..on a day not so spectacular, there is always something good to find somewhere….