Moon haiku

Cheshire smiling sky

Moonlight laughs at us below

wishbone out of reach.

I attempted to take some photos last night of the moon and her pal that sat beside, and as I downloaded the images to my computer, realized the star? or planet beside had turned into a wishbone. Couldn’t resist a fun moon haiku.



Restless light

These city streets remember my name
cool night air and music in the distance
te beat of the heart
pulsating in echoed chambers
coming home
Corridors of silent shadows
fill the mood with a welcome sigh
a light in the window waits for me
weary feet move
Yesterday life no longer mine
hustle and bustle of working bees
droning on in the day to day
eager for the time
to play.
Restless light behind shades drawn tight
I see the forms of people move
embracing lovers as the darkness takes over
you didn’t wait
after all.
Moving on into the depths
left behind the love so blind
but tomorrow I rise to begin again
searching for a soul
with truth,
eyes that smile
arms will embrace
as the night will wash us away
into the restless light
of beginnings.

Not sure where this came from, loved the pic I found and just went with it. Hope you enjoy where ever you are, and a Happy Saturday night…don’t stay out too late…
peace and fun,

On the wind

Seasons move through
Days shortened by lengthening shadows
As the wind blows through
Casting a coolness
On the moment.
Seeds strewn about
Edging their way into crevices
Taking hold for future days
Waiting for the moment
To rise once more.
Circles move through this life,
Sun and moon exchanging places
And the stars wait
For their moment to shine bright
Before falling into dust,
As sleep claims the host
Sweeping the cobwebs from the mind
And electric dreams filter behind
Eyes closed to the images
Of dark rooms and shadows.
Windows cracked allowing
The subtle scent of the world
To fill the air,
And a seed lodged in the screen
Unable to release
The flick of a finger to set free
The pod on its descent
To fulfill its destiny
In the ground below.