Place of mind

I wandered the darkness searching
Neon signs behind me
Away from the city
Away to the peace
Gazing through shadows
Animals move silently
Crackling leaves the only thing
Disturbing the silence of thought.
A fountain appeared
The oasis of wonder from nowhere
Lit from within
The water trickling down
The necks of giraffes
Dropping to the pool below
Chariots in the sky
Cloud races passing by
Stallions firm
Moving muscles straining
To win the race
And I turned to see the sun
Felt the heat beaming down upon me
Soaking into my body
Falling into my soul.
I woke to her once more
Her stars twinkling, waiting
And I stayed this time
Waiting for the magic
And found myself more whole
Fulfilled and serene
For having stayed to see
The last nocturnal act
This last cosmic ovation
Taking its bow as the lights once dim
Now getting brighter
Time to move
Time to go.

Sahara reflection

Time moves in waves
Reaching forward
Rippling in the sun
Searching for the oasis
Of the soul.
Memories flow like sand
Trickle through
Hourglass smooth
One by one falling
Into a mound
Of a remembered days.
Sun rays rise
Undulating Heat-haze vision
I see you there
Solitary form
Optic illusion
Of hope.
Green grasses wave
Fringe-like dress edge
Falling from the sheath of blue
To touch the beige brown below
Trees line the emptiness
At the edge of another day
The dance of a dream.

To the gift of dry days after rain that fall in endless succession….to the journey to happiness, to the edge of hello to friends and to stars reflected in pools of blue.