Gnomebody knows the trouble I’ve seen (Postcard for John)

Dear John,

I am quite perplexed and have found myself in a muddle of trouble. See, I woke up this morning to a knock, at least I think it was a knock, on my back door so I mosey on back to see who it could be, because I have a fence and two big viscous beasts of a dog or two and an attack cat and nobody, I mean nobody, comes to the back door. No one can get through the fence, except the pool dude and he’s allowed, but I digress, I go to the back door and see no one there. So now I’m all confused and wondering if I’m perhaps losing my mind and then I look down and here are all these finger and handprints on the glass doors. Now my dogs and cat don’t have digits that small, nor would they ever dare leave anything but nose and tongue prints on said glass door, and all these water drip marks splashed all over the place. Humph, now I’m really a bit confused and I look over and what do I see?

A gnome I tell you, plain as day in my pool snorkeling. Well how the blazes did he get there I said to myself, after all, it’s kind of pushy I think to just go in someone’s pool and make a mess like that, so he doesn’t say a word to me, just gives me those goggle eyes and I walk around the side to make sure the fence is latched and what do I see?

I mean really? Now I hadn’t checked the fridge to see if any of the beer was gone, but heck, I dude here is inviting friends to a party I’m not even having, well then that’s rather rude don’tcha think? Did you send them? How did they find me? Must have been this guy…

Now I know you’ve got rabbits down under and kangaroos too so I think Ricky rabbit rider here must have rode all the way to the USofA, clear from wallaby central to spread the word that there’s some kind of shindig going down….now I know I should have held back in the eighties on experimenting with that chemical stuff in college but this is a bit much…..they are getting out of control and they don’t listen to me…kind of like my dogs it seems, and the dogs are having a ball whooping it up too….but it’s getting late and the music keeps getting louder and I think my new neighbs may call the posse in on me….hold on a sec…..”turn it down already!” Humph……

Well John, gotta run and try to quench this chaos, next time you drop by, I’ll remember to leave a light on for you… may distract them as I think they don’t like the light much….makes ’em kind of grumpy.

Sending peace and love, and please send me some aspirin, I think I feel a headache coming on…..Kim and the crew

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Art of burning man

Psychedelic dreamscape

Sand washes the horizon into a crisp baked shell

Crusted nights under stars

Where the sea life swims in moon gardens of life.

They come here

Dancing creatures through a haze of smoke

Whirling to the rhythm

Natures drumbeat kicking vibes in the air

Moving the atmosphere in a cloud of dust

Cities burn to ash and emptiness

Blowing on the wind

Of a moment never to be left behind

In a memory it rises up

Soaring above the crowd

A reborn Phoenix joins

The whale of space and time

Lingering like the scent

Cannabis wafts on heady clouds

Lost in a peace of a desert town of sand.

A holiday celebration… Tuesday

I have found so many new and wonderful blogs recently, wondering to myself, where have you been hiding all of this time. So much inspiration and I realized alot of it is from meet and greets. 

I am just so thankful for everything these days and would like to repay the kindness and in the process, give you a chance to meet some new friends. Tomorrow I am throwing a party of sorts but there is a specific theme to the party. Thankfulness. Now I couldn’t just make it for Thanksgiving as not everyone reading here is from America and I wanted everyone to feel included.

So what you need to do if you want to come to the party, is write a blog about a memory of Thanksgiving or a certain thing that you are thankful for. Leave a link in the comments section and I will pick four random posts or more to reblog through the holiday season. There is so much talent out there and whether it be photos or writing, it doesn’t matter and make sure you check everyone else out while you are there. I ask that as a family friendly blog you keep it clean. Any naked girls/boys will be deleted….after all, I have little ones who read (not mine of course) but they are out there.

So what I am most thankful for/happy memory of Thanksgiving:

As a child we were always bundled up into the family car and trecked over to my Grandparents house. Now my grandmother was a cook and it was always fun to see the big picture window completely steamed up as you knew there was some good things brewing inside. The house would feel like a steambath from the kettles of mashed potatoes and the turkey nestled in the oven. I always liked to sit underneath the table at the grownups legs and listen to them talk, pretending they couldn’t see me.

Now I realize I am far from invisible but they played along. We had to eat at the little kids table when it was time for supper and as we got older, we were teenagers sitting still at the little kids table. I only cared about the pumpkin pie and had fun hanging with my cousins, feeding the dog under the table the things we didn’t like, and I think by the time dinner was over, the poor dog could barely move.  Although I don’t think he ate the lima beans, those we threw in the fireplace…no one used it and I wondered how long it took grandma while cleaning to realize the stashes of food hidden in the back behind the fire grate?

It has been many years, my Grandparents long since gone and the cousins now off married with kids or dogs of their own. We don’t do the big family events anymore and now for the world I think Black Friday has taken over the joy of family times. I am Thankful for those memories and of course for the pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream. So Mom, if you’re reading this, please send over a slice or two, or three, hell, just send over the whole thing. I promise to clean my plate.
Okay peeps, your turn, let me and the world know your favorite story, memory or just what you are Thankful for. Posts will begin to be reblogged Tuesday 11-24-15 just in time for the long holiday weekend (or at least it is for me) I am soooo excited and can’t wait to read your lovely stories and see any photos too.