Layered lives

One upon one upon one
Varying hues to highlight
the wild side that lies somewhere in between
unseen in itself
but reflected when mixed
in just the right ways.
We move through days like tigers in fields,
searching for the next quarry,
knowing not what may lay in wait
to hinder the ease of the everyday,
subtle shades of passing days,
beneath the fullest moon of pinkish hues
we wait for the darkness to hide,
to become one wih the part we know so well,
to unite and be whole in and of our soul.
Still the trees will rise up to mark the passing sun,
the dial set to what will become,
ticking away like these thoughts that move
in their precision we are caught up
in the watching of what is,
knowing what will be as we sit idly by,
lost in the reverie of everything and nothing,
trapped in the cages built by the same hands that prison
we search blindly for keys
that sit just out of reach
fooled by the moon and her beauteous glow,
caught up still in what we know,
and what we choose to disregard.
So we climb higher looking still
and seeing the vastness of what lay before,
we wonder how to fly,
yet never daring to attempt to try,
fearful from each day that led us here,
we sit and watch
and then we gaze some more
baffled by this life,
never seeing the true reflection
from the layers we’ve added
and gathered
and buried
and what was is now foreign and new
confusing us by the coating
of spots instead of stripes,
torn apart by the clever
we gaze up above
wondering what
has happened.
Thoughts on a very long day, the full moon, the writings from others who touch us just so, and the hope with each day that comes, will bring the peace of answers we seek. All good my friends, tired and awaiting the moon filled sky….perhaps to tell me why? Why what? you may ask? With a smile she says, darned if I know😊💜🙏🏻☮

Painting life

Blending the colors just so

creating the perfect shade to suit the soul

adding a little of this

a little of that,

testing to ensure proper hue.

Like life  if applied too heavily

easily thinned out a bit as the hand moves,

delicate curves to add shade and dimension

a little dilution to achieve the effect desired.

To be content in knowing we can go back

correct the mistake gently

easing the lines into a quiet blend

like a sentence spoken through silence,

the perfect specimen found through diligence,

patience and harmony in each stroke

I see this creation like life in its own way,

always changing

like mood that can be softened with the right touch,

as the water moves the mark across the cotton

I see what I feel

was a calm and quiet peace.

Day number two of my watercolor class and I found time disappearing as I lost myself in practicing the techniques taught, creating the perfect shade I wanted and leaving with my mind lost in a quiet place, pondering the sun upon me as I drove away and just enjoying the moment and happy for the lesson. Peace and blessings, K

Empty spaces

I stood before the blank canvas,

dirty walls waiting for words like graffiti to adorn

the scarred semblance of what once was

uniform indifference of childhood art

hard to discern

yet valued beyond measure.

Waiting in the cage trapped

eyes like the pained dog that cries in silence

hardship so easy to remedy

understanding so hard to embrace

as it is as it was

and the slate waits for the hand to take chalk

to draw the dream that still waits

after time wasted

the mind tired.

What is it that we do to inspire a heartbeat,

a pulse in rhythm,

music of the soul

that waits below the surface waiting for release

yearning for the moment to be free to be

and the moment comes

as we sit unsure where to move to next

left to right in this waltz of life

and as it returns to the same beat left behind

finally moving

flowing like the waves that waited for their name to be called,

to step up to the moment and wash away the past,

to ride on boards of thoughts

we surf the universe

we capture the stars in our hands like confetti

that falls as the celebration comes to its end

and we hang on dearly to that last little piece

afraid to let it go

to forget this moment

yet still happy for being in the moment

and at peace for the release.

I pray tonight my internet issues have come to their conclusion. It has been traumatic to me to say the least, just ask the Mr., but I pray I wake tomorrow to find my clean slate, the universal world synchronized and moving at its pace and that no more rising blood pressure will find me. I have missed a lot of catching up, having to clear my inbox of so many of you left to catch up on, and for that I apologize. Technology has never been my strong forte and from here on out I hope to be back to normalcy, God willing and the creek don’t rise I think is how the phrase goes. I’ve missed you, I’m back and tomorrow is a new day waiting….let the rhythm of life resume its pace, and leave me a happy woman once more. Peace and love and to all of my new followers, if I haven’t responded, unfollow and refollow and I can find you once more. ❤ K

The opulence of patience and dreams


under pressure

beyond control

a dream calls sea blue

nestled like houses on cliffs

waiting to swim

with the ocean waves.

patience finds me impatient

cannot do

the simplest thing

till today so easy,

now a terror fills the heart

why I wonder, now?

smooth days flow

no longer,

a slave to the system and ghosts haunt

the machine that had been a friend,

I need to speak of dreams

of stars

of suns that rise on those that sleep

above the water

that sings to them a lullaby,

the siren song sung

through centuries

as they sit at their tables

supping on olives and cheese

dreaming of those who have grass,


Or maybe just lost in thoughts

of here and now,

simple dreams

their truth.

A story of kindness

This is a short tale of my day grocery shopping an hour ago and a bit about kindness.

I had my cart filled and I look for the shortest line, because who doesn’t when they see
Each aisle with a light on five people deep waiting?
I find a light where there are only two guys buying beer and limes(atta boy for that one boys) so I unload my reusable bags and load up the conveyor.
The young guy at checkout barely makes eye contact and asks if I found everything to which I replied, and then some, as I always do.
He starts packing my goods in the plastic and I remind him that to only use the plastic for the meats if he could, thinking he forgot my cotton ones that he had placed behind him.
He starts scanning again, one item at a time looking at each item as if it was a new and exciting item. Then turns around to put in my cloth bags. This went on for quite awhile and I turn around and the young girls behind me rolled their eyes and started tapping on the edge of the conveyor. The boy kept moving deliberately one item carefully placed and I told him he could just throw them in, it would be fine and he smiles and calmly tells me if I want it all to fit, the corn would need to be upright. Okay I said with a smile realizing at this point, being a holiday the store would have on those who wanted to work, no regulars were to be seen. He seemed a bit mentally challenged which is great, I applaud a store that hires and gives a chance to people of all makes and models. I was in no hurry and shot the girls behind me a dazzling smile and told them that he was he best bagger ever seen and they would not have to worry about him fumbling their purchases, and that there should be more at this store like him. At this point the young man started to blush and making eye contact told me that he was proud of the work he did and that it was nice for someone to finally acknowledge it and he thanked me. Kindness does go a long way to making someone’s day a bit brighter. I am sure on this holiday he would rather be at a parade or with his family having fun. Have patience, not everyone moves at the same speed as others and give compliments freely, it may just make someone’s day.

Patient paws

Good morning hello
Thump thump
Tail whacks dresser
Eyes open
She moves.
Up and down
Up and down
Seventy pounds of morning joy
Rush rush
Oops, don’t worry about that door
Knocked out too many times before.
Sniff sniff
I like it here
No how ’bout there,
No wait what about over there?
Sniff sniff
No this won’t do
She taps her foot
Gotta go too,
But where oh where should this
Happy dog go?
Behind the trees
Don’t watch me please
Almost done
Walks away
No stop
Not done yet
Ok that’s good
Come on,
Let’s play
You don’t need that coffee, right?
You can stay out here
In this drizzling rain
There’s no work today
And only play
Can I have a treat?
Now back to bed,
You look awake
Aren’t you coming too
It may still be warm and cozy
On those fresh white sheets,
So my muddy paws will decorate
With love
From me to you.

Our girl Apple, the happy vocal hound who likes to teach patience.
Rescued from Manhatten found on the urgent death row dogs Facebook site,
The blessings she brings, joy and patience
And her weight in biscuits;) worth the drive halfway across the state
To spare a girl with a heart of gold.

Far from home

They stood there together
Yet several feet apart
Western union paper
Slowly filled out by the cowboy
With the too pointy navy snakeskin cowboy boots
Hat backwards he turned and gave me a heartfelt smile
Talking with his friend
A language foreign to this town.
I could smell the horses on him
And for a moment taken back to the days when my only
Wish was a horse of my own
How I do love that smell.
She looks at him across the tall counter
And asks him for the third time
To correct the error
And why aren’t the other ones babysitting
This grown man
The big one ambles over to help
The other one looks away
The speak back and forth
I wait patiently to cash in
My winning lottery cards
Groceries to buy
As the western cowboy lays down wads of cash on the shelf
And turns away
Not worried about theft in this country
He is sending money home
To a family that waits.
The big one with a hat Puerto Rico
I tell him that I leave in May
And he replies that he too shall return
We talk of beaches and coconuts that need the salt air
To survive
Of the people by the sea he says have darker skin
Than the people within,
More light, like him.
I do not speak Spanish
But I am a human
And I am happy to have had this moment,
That I was patient and kind
Where as others would be angry
A huge world
But there can always be a common ground
Language can be shared
A friend made
Then ambling away he waves
As the smell of horses
Fades with his departure.