In and out

We move in stages

smooth like stone worn by the hands of time,

colors blended to become a whole

perfection found in corridors.

We open our thoughts to places in dreams,

walking silently as we listen to the wind,

whispered history of centuries passed

while we feel the energy flow

from the ground to our soul.

In and out of sleep and dreaming

I know these places from lifetimes ago,

hands smooth the surface of images found

balancing the mind in the context of this time.

Who do we become when we step knowingly

the rabbit run of mazes and mystery,

rushing to the party for a last cup of tea,

that stained these walls with their leaves and scent

waiting for rain to brighten the hue

as the dryness becomes

a part of the daily life

and these mountains carved know the secrets

told by the seer before time began,

we become transfixed listening

for that heartbeat of the universe.

Kings and Queens

Brick by borrowed brick

transplanted across the sea

beside the water blue to reside

two fast years created

theirs a labor of love,

King and Queen reach their dream.

Endless days of guests and stars

moonlight dancing on marble floors

terrace to view the setting sun

and long gone voices hang like ghosts

for the glory days before it all fell apart.

Tattered and torn the decay moves in,

pastel windows caked with salt and grime

restored to their throne,

the house rises once more

a sight for the willing to pay the price

at a glance into the lifestyles then

and emerging in the air when done

enraptured by the beauty found

in history.

John and Mabel Ringlings dream mansion built on the bay in Sarasota, named C’a d’Zan (venetian dialect for house of John), we did the lower level tour of the beautiful house, which for a while had been in disrepair and finally turned over to the University and Sarasota, now restored with most of the original furnishings. The windows are shades of purple, blue, yellow and pink and the view and terrace behind the mansion are to me, spectacular. My dream home….hahaha…..yep, I’m kind of funny that way, I know. I wish it were my house….although way too much to clean for just the hubby and me, but the hounds would have a field day running through it 🙂

This house was also the backdrop for the movie Great Expectations:

where magic grows

She slipped past the door
Her companion by her side
Silently across the grass
Little prints in the dew
She is off to see
The place where magic grows.
She knows this place
As she’s been here many times before,
In the darkest hours
In her sleepy dreams
She frolicked with the little ones
Who live in this wonderful land.
This place she loves,
Where they always sing and smile,
Laughing in merriment and joy,
The place where they are always soooo very happy
When she returns,
And she tells them her tales of life
In the light where the big people live
But she wants to be here,
And she cries each time she has to leave,
But mum and dad would miss her
If she never came back
So she waves a small farewell
Till next time she says,
And walks back to the home
Of her princess bed,
And her beloved stuffed friends,
Closes her eyes
And with a yawn,
Drifts off again,
wondering if someday she will be too big
To come and play,
Wondering if someday
The magic will fade away.