Never ever give up

The opening stands waiting
for the final cut to sever,
the majestic beauty reduced
to wooden cityscape defined.
Time passes unaware
as changes betray the passing,
small life born anew
rising up,
never giving up.
Resilience in action
the shoots raise their arms to the sky,
reaching high as it was born to do,
tiny palm like leaves unfurl
waving gently in the breeze
as if waving the flag
no surrender.

The magic banana tree that was cut down after Hurricane Irma has seemed to start again with a new tenacious little sucker. Below pictures of original tree flower, the city scape left after the downing and now the little Churchill saying to my ears, never ever give up.



Rusted wing

She stands alert
graceful amongst the scents of her home,
herbal cocktail of greenery
balanced in her beauty,
unaware of the ravages of time.
Rusted in places she preens
in her faded beauty
the starlet of the garden struts her stuff
bringing a lightness to the day.
She has lived many years
beneath the violence of a storm
and the warmth of a giving sun,
she knows how to share all that matters
with a pinch of this
and a pinch of that,
always with a smile
we say thanks.

Our flamingo of the herb bed, getting a bit worn but no matter, she’s still as beautiful to us today as she was on day one. Happy Monday peeps, hope it’s a good one and don’t forget to smile 🙂


In unexpected places

we find the magic that sits waiting

so patiently like it knew

we were coming,

beauty of a color

standing out like a beacon

a light ushering us to come near,

to gaze at the brilliance of natures finest.

Below a small bird waits,

watching as I go near to gather

trying to help in the survival

as dogs mill about restlessly,

it hops into the brush and sits watching me,

I gaze up and see the purple bloom

as bananas wait to be found,

new in their stage I laugh,

the bird is now gone as I glance back

yet its gift now given

appreciated with the heart of love

for more magic in the world

this universe never stops

providing its miracles

to those who pay attention

to the signs sent.

The red pineapple was found in a gentleman yard a block from our home, walking the dogs one morning, I returned later with the camera to share with you, and the little bird I tried to save, was never seen again (nor eaten by the dogs) but it did get me back in deep enough to the corner yard (where slithering things like to sit) and much to my joy as I looked up, I spied a new crop of bananas growing, and going around the other side to get a better view, found another tree with another bunch growing. Ah, the smallest joys to my life. All appreciated.