Going about it

The business of just being

finding themselves moving about this life,

two souls hobnobbing about with royalty,

going about it in their own way,

in search of the shine of a better day.

Silly things really, stowed away

almost unseen like the lizard on a car

and a license of integrity,

did she see in the rearview the passenger

catching a breeze on a hot day,

jumping to a new destination

free ride on the by-way,

perhaps a thumb out as if to say,

hey babe, heading my way?

Turning and moving away from the path

small dot still remains heading home,

and its never as great as the fish that almost got away

before taking a nose dive into the boat

trying so hard to escape

but alas, not your time yet

a bit too small to be part of the haul

so back you go to the locker

and the hook plunges in

tempting heads to entice the supper

waiting at the bottom

as the rain waits to fall

this surreal world comes to call

and I write the fodder of a passing day

rightly ended with a splash of color over head

the skies jumbo slide hangs

and I wonder where the pot at the end

waits and for whom,

if not the dreamer and the images cast

leaving a new thought behind

to an imagination fertile

with wondrous things.




Thoughts on yesterday again at the Dali museum, and how coming home, a lizard was riding on a womans back windshield, out of the wind as he didn’t go flying off, her license plate said integrty….I would think if she knew, she’d pull over and let the little chap off. The evening ending with a huge rainbow over our house which will be a photo for a post in the future….the fountain of youth outside Dali museum, I was laughing at the hubby, telling him it must be broken when I touched the spigot, water came rushing out and literally scared the bejesus out of me, I jumped like a scalded cat but had a good laugh, I guess that’s what will keep us young. Imagination and fun…my kind of life 🙂 The fish tale (a mermaid perhaps) is coming out of the Rolls Royce that sported the two snails on the front. The inside of the car has water running down like a reverse fountain, with the tale how we try to escape the rain by rushing into our car or home, yet here the rain is within. Very cool to see 🙂


A brave world

We walked through the doors into the new world

icy blue coolness greets the tired mind

laced metal painted trees limbs lit from within

empty seats beckon to come forth

stay a spell and watch this world of illusion,

where things aren’t always what they seem.

This brave new world of another land

so far away created in the mind of a master,

brought to life in word and motion

I am a part of the scene

I am here at last.

Childhood dreams spent between faded pages,

seven separate volumes tucked into the magic box

and page by page turned as I fell within

the wardrobe always knew I’d return.

We spin through the lights as it all unfolds,

each face and intonation weaves its spell-

and as the lights return

whisking us back into the now

I am sorry to leave

yet feeling the lightness of the gift given

in the place of wonder

I have become whole.

Last night the Mr. and I went to see a local production at the theater of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. It seats 90 people and was a full house. Enchanting play with lively dancers and children who easily moved into their roles as if they had become the characters. Such fun and a great way to spend an evening. Kudos to them and I thank each one for their inspiration. The Venice Theater, what an awesome time.


To be…or not to be

A night of magic
An eve of fun….
I could be a minion yellow
A happy Twinkie like fellow
Or a mermaid in an ocean deep,
or A sparkly neon orange pumpkin peep.
An eerie ghost in gossamer silk
A cowgirl with her black and white leather
A flapper girl with a peacock feather.
I could be a raven of deepest black
Or a Monopoly man with a snazzy top hat,
A sexy witch with a smoking brew
Or A rap star from 2live crew,
A football player with a tiny ball
An egg that sits high on a wall,
A cat that walks down alleys and streets
Or my husbands fave, a grilled cut of meat.
I could be a singer in hippie garb
Or a make shift pac man chasing ghosts
Now that’s an image I dig the most.
I could be you, my blogger friends
Like Wonder Woman and superman
Just flying high on Halloween.
But I’m no longer seventeen
Yet still able to be young and fun at heart
But to be Marge Simpson or even Bart
Can make me smile
And whistful too
Come join the fun
We’ve just begun
What will you be this Hallows eve?
Just leave a note or a suggestion too
Come now there’s still so much to do,
More candy to gather
And tricks to give,
So let me know when I see you there
What’s under the mask,
What’s hiding there.
Do you dare to play along my friend?
Or will this finally be the end
Of silly thoughts
And costumes dreamed
Excuse me while I let loose and scream
To set the mood
For frightening fun
Enough I guess,
Because now I’m done.

Sun falls through

Sun falls through to find
a place to call its own
for just a moment in time
a home.
Grass shines as she smiles
happy to be here with a friend
walking through grass
to play tag
with the bright spots found
along the way.
Oh my little spot of heaven
illuminated for my view
a little place shrinking
as the clouds move in
to take away
this glowing spot
now gone.
Perhaps it will return
a different place
another moment
I will be waiting
happy for the gift.

playing with the filters on a pic of the Chi girl, the sun spot is glowing. thought it kind of special.

Friday….and feelin’ groovy

What a week
Here now gone
Dressed like the other ants and
It’s tie-dye Friday.
Singing to songs
That swirl in my brain,
Changing the words
To suit my mood
(Something my family can attest to as I have done it since I was a wee tot)
And in a comment,
Receiving blooms,
Laughter is always
The kindest gift of all
When needed most.
Feeling fun
Counting down,
A young ‘un to come this afternoon
Stay for a few nights,
Eat pizza and play….so
What does one do exactly with a six year old?
No kids of my own,
Tea party, nope, not gonna happen-
Telling the hubs
Wax on
Wax off
We can pay her to wax the truck
‘Cause I don’t wanna!!!
Laughing of course,
I would never think to let her do that….
Or would I (she thinks with an evil laugh)…
Ok, scrap that idea.
Bonfire and s’mores and
Pond swimmy on deck,
Arts and crafts
Spray paint will be fun and
Not inhaled!!!!!
Sparkly and glue,
Yes, that’s what we shall do,
Oh my
I hope the pups survive,
‘Cause it won’t be so nice
Scooping the presents and finding
Diamond glints in the remnants
Of yesterday.
I pray I survive
To make It through another day,
But if I call in dead Monday ,
We shall blame in on youth running
Their elders into the ground.

Pic: shirt selfie
Thoughts on babysitting a 6 year old all weekend.

The Dog Bar

Barking your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got
Taking a nap on the couch today, sure would help a lot
Wouldn’t you like to get away?

Sometimes you want to go – where everybody knows your name
and they’re always glad you came
You wanna be where you can see – your biscuits are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows your scent.
You wanna go where people know puppies aren’t all the same
You wanna go where everybody knows your name.
When we last left off on episode twelve, Rebecca and Sam were going to tie the rawhide,
But the evil Diane came back into the scene (she of the bitch variety) and messed up the fun.
George was dismayed and proceeded to drown his spirits in the water trough
And Norm just rolled his eyes and ordered another round of biscuits.
Carla swung by and sat for awhile after a long day on her paws to kibbutz about the malarkey going on in the local watering hole.
There was a whole lot of sniffing going on in everyone’s business but as always, a good time was had by all. Except for maybe Rebecca and Sam. They sat in their crate all night growling at everyone and Diane just barked needlessly as usual.
Cheers and pass the treats please….
And hey, has anyone seen my frisbee?

The dog bar is not a bar for dogs, but it is my mothers favorite restaurant. Images except for The Dog Bar(taken yesterday while passing it) found on internet(bing) none are my actual dogs, as mine prefer wine….just kidding folks.

word play

When words collide
Like planes in the sky
Moments of reaching out to stop
The madness,
Your soul screams out
Knowing that it’s far too late.
When words slip in and out
Psyche spawns
It’s greatest fears
Played out in acts
Like Shakespeare on stage
Skull empty in hand
I knew thee well.
The darkness heeds the word untold
Like a crescent moon hanging
Low in he sky
I feel the sweat
Fall like tears down my neck
Look past the sky
Searching the memory eye
For truth untold
Will not deny
The play of words
Rain from the skies
And dark resumes
Her heartless state
Lightning tolls the
Heart still beats,
Strange dream illusions
Rapture of senses
And thoughts spill
Like oil on water.

Greet the day

Sleep so needed
Greet the day with no haste
Two faces smiling
If they can be smiles
Teeth scrunchy lips
Happy I’m sorry pups.
Pet me please
Don’t be mad
Don’t be sad
Outside the rain falls
Body tired
And mind reviving
Slowly to
Greet the day.
Coffee in measure
Outside wanderings
I watch
And wait
While they look at me in
Their play,
Rain starts again for a moment
Then washes away,
Sun peeks out in hello
Then slips away again,
Greet the day
In peace.

Photos from Pinterest JT Steiny