On Track

Down hardened lines

turned soft through time

I linger in my dreamscape mind,

where angels whisper to my ear

and carry me into moments dear.

The faces of a day gone by

in patterned seconds I learn to try

to glean the message they come to give

and embrace the light,

where their words now live.

The midnight hour had moved as norm

and waking with thoughts

now freshly born

of angels I have heard in sleep

and hearts that flow

with love so deep.

I linger with vibration found

and smile as crystals become unbound

from starry skies that fill the night,

an emotion pulled from joys delight.

I learn the truth of all I see

and with waking, know

I’ve been set free.

Beneath The Subtle Crack

Boulder Opal

In glorious beauty found

beneath the surface of imperfection

through perfections view,

the softest flow of illusion

greets the soul of peace.

We find ourselves gazing outward

with an inward perception

seeing each flaw we dive deeper,

knowing below the cracks

our history waits for release.

Fingers touch the smoothness

of each new day that finds us waiting

for fresh eyes to glance upwards

at the ever moving skies

and hopes of connection to the invisible link,

we are reborn like the cells that create

the cumbersome body.

In the moment of awareness we know

somewhere beneath the subtle crack

the escape of ego has occurred

leaving us beautiful and free

despite the facades illusion,

beauty will always remain.

The Cleansing

With clear intention the full moon waits…

while the shine of precious things hold court

and allow the needed cleanse to fall.

I breathe the peace of remembered things

as they slip through the ether of my mind-

Written words of the coming moment

burned on a pyre of bliss

and set free to fly higher,

into the atmosphere of the now.

Who I am becoming,

the petals unfolding in the dark of night,

as stars wink at their knowing

of the shift of self,

then to now.

I am the peace I prayed for,

with lines drawn and boundaries laid

I move forward in calmness and serenity,

filling each breath with intention

I gather the precious stones,

the words of wisdom of ancestors,

pull close the yearning for higher learning,

I lean in and blow out the light,

and hearing the waves of the distance call,

slip into their depths

to arise clean and pure.