Edges of a world

We move gingerly down the trodden path
step by step
forward motion as eyes only see
the horizon beyond the dream.
Heartless faces gather
in fevered whispers showing no sign
of lips moving
and perhaps it is only the thought
displayed like billboards on ugly faces
that makes the feet move on
just a bit quicker
with no turning back to hear
or see
that which has nothing to do
with me.
Smiling tigers can only kill
if you let them close enough to touch,
so we sidestep into the ether
to drift above the fray of violence
and the sadness that hangs like clouds,
heavy and falling down upon us
and the distance that shows promise
with its meager light glowing,
yet it is still a beam that can be seen
as if waiting for the journey
to come to the end,
to open the door at the stop in the road
and fall into the paradise
of laughter and love,
where light never stops
as long as we let it shine on
within our hearts.
Let the tigers pace their world
for I have found the wings
of a blue butterfly that flirts
with the sweetness of scarlet flowers
and I feel it sway in the soft breeze
as it’s carried beyond view,
I think to myself if only for a moment
let me come along too,
over the tree and far away
to bounce about on clouds above
wild and free
if only it could be.


Face of thought

A stream of consciousness piece….

Steady as she goes
as feet sit perched above the silent water,
back and forth toes wave as eyes gaze
wondering what lies below.
Monsters of our history seen
in ripples moving in and out,
we touch a toe to mar the scene
as the face of thought disappears
into the blackest darkness of depth.
Do you remember
when we wore our height like superheroes,
striding elegantly with not so long legs
carrying us into the crowds that occupy space
we longed to call our own,
leaning against the wall with a cigarette,
too cool to be a fool
but behind buildings we strode to the waiting woods,
where the firelight held that beckoning glow
to follow where the night would lead.
We move our legs back and forth,
talking about the things we will do
when we grow old and wear cool clothes
and our faces will sport the colors
of the older girls we admired,
now wrinkles grace the space
where smooth youth waited impatiently
and we walk in waves and remember
just what it was like
when we were 13 and the world was such a small place,
now untethered we flow into the days
waiting to find that moment once more
when monsters could be banished
and sirens never broke the silence,
where the wildflowers grew beside that pond
and there was us,
you and I sitting quietly wondering
dreaming the day away,
as the hearse pulled away.

Just let the mind flow to where it felt like…..now off to watch the rain fall into the too full pool and enjoy the rest of the day 🙂 peace and blessings, K


We find the pieces
the best of the rest rising
tiny bubbles cascade in and out
like ocean tides
bringing up from the bottom
what had been lost,
hidden in the depths
and too long forgotten.
We linger in the shallows
puddles of thoughts that warm
with the waning of a summer sun
filling prints of those who came
and left before we noticed
the presence no longer in view,
we long for the youth
the wave acrobat man riding
smiles glint with each rise and fall,
crashing down
he surfaces to try once more-
ah that vigor
the energy he must feel
and how we stand aside
voyeurs looking on in awe
remembering when we had been small
and reckless
and so very brave
to try.
The beat is heard like a heartbeat
as they rise from the sand like hermit crabs
scuttling about to catch the last vestige
of the beautiful show
not even marred by the clouds riding the surface
of a horizon,
the almighty spectacle
as night falls
and the peace descends
as the man child catches one last ride
down and out of view.