The stillness in solitude

She has become
The scenery
Cast in shades of autumn,
A pale grey green,
Fading trees
Leafless and waiting
For seasons of earth
To re color their cloaks.
She sits in reflection
Solitude calms
The busy mind
It is here she dreams
Of lands across the sea,
Of her young life ahead
Of yesterday behind.
She blends with nature in
Her idle daydreams,
Her secret garden far away
And the flowers that had been there,
That will return once more
After winter claims its time,
And it all moves through
Her quiet mind now calmed
Perhaps a bit of sun peeks gently through
The October clouds
Gracing her world
With its tender warmth,
Reminding her again
Of summer days once more,
Where color bursts
And grey only exists
In storm clouds and ashes,
The tempest of ocean skies
Dowsing the fire
Of a sun resting on
The horizon.

Photo: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot – The Solitude. Recollection of Vigen, Limousin 1866