Missing presence

Between the colors of a hint of you
Present in the moment as thoughts turn to words
unspoken and remembered between the pages of our days
mysteries of tomorrow
of a quiet yesterday.
Dreams move past like trains at night
whistles empty and a ghostly rumble
moving in the darkness
here then gone,
solitary light to mark the end
as it moves farther from view.
Then only silence lays in the place
where strangers unmet passed from this place
as we watch and wait for a new day
beside the track that lies empty, waiting.
The wind begins to pick up speed
as the moon sits silent and cold above
and we wander the night
in search of a light
wondering where it has gone,
the muse of a conductor barreling through
pull the cord and let his presence be felt
in the solitary wail of a train
passing through unnoticed
except by a few
who needed to feel the rush of movement
as the earth moved below feet
and sound rushed by
heading onward to the next crossing.
In that moment of peace and silence
caught somewhere between
the dreams of a morning yet awakening
I thoughht I heard his laugh
carried on the breeze
as he slipped away like a storm
out on the wind
always moving.