Night skies

Streaking past eyes
Perpetually watching
streaking stars race through
dust of the night things
glittering like diamonds.
Purple reigns in her mind
time flying past
out of sight
and the mind soothed
as the color flows
mid spring skies awaken
with the coming of dawn
just another star that fell
on distant lands
in a universe high.

My second art piece created today, practicing with the sea salt in the sky, and masking fluid meteors flying by….having fun, another working day, heigh ho….and off I go.

In search of perfection….gone.

I listen in the haze of a cloud

Words that soothe and bring a soul strife,

You’re not here

But yet you remain

The magic of modern day life.

Can’t grasp my hands around

This moment that loses itself in time

Another place

Another language

And I am Young once more.

Am I getting older

Or am I merely locked In The

Is sad capsule of time

Buried below bricks waiting, 

for the perfect gawking moment

Of what once was

But is no longer.

I feel the tears fall like rain,

The pity party late for the grand parade

But I know you wouldn’t mind,

Got there

In my own good time

And I don’t need a light,

Too many years and good sense have run by

And I listen with feverish intention,

Watching the new you tube invention

And it’s grips me hard

Each word played out,


Like a sledge hammer to the brain

This moment, 

which will never pass again,

And I am no one

And you, 

you are someone

Because you mattered,

And lines will be crossed,

Yet who counts the cost

Just the faceless,

The nameless,

Who stands and dare say it is just….

Whitewash on a wall

Easily covered

Nothing really, at all.

But to those who know,

Who count the score,

Just words in passing

Like the rain that falls 

and then effortlessly moves on

As is intended

Leaving the rest behind,

You are you,

And you were everything…..

Forever rain

School girl hears whispers

Direct to the heart

Wanting to be her

Astride your steel horse

To go anywhere

Take me with you her heart cried

The day the rain fell.

In a darkened room watching



A part of life remembered as if yesterday,

Scared but thrilled,

To belong in a far away place

You whispered words I carried through life.

A Queen grows older

On the day a Prince flew away

And I sit here shaking my head


Anguish to grief

But it was time

As the cream rose to the top,

And a half time show I relived for days

But now this,

Purple skies full

And tears like a forever rain.

Wow…memories all stirred up today. I was a teenager living on my own in Washington DC and went to see Purple Rain with my sister and her friend on opening day. I knew a few songs that had been playing on the local stations but my god, this was like a religious experience. My sister and I were the only white people in the audience which for a country girl, scared me to death, and everywhere around me each song was sung like a hymn….I mean EVERYBODY knew every word to every song, and the tears, oh my the tears. It’s as if I am there all over again. WOW, an experience I shall never forget and one I’m so grateful to have shared with so many strangers sharing the love of the man. 

Rest in peace my fair Prince and sing me a song in dreams…I’ll be waiting….cause you know, Baby I’m a star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💜