Falling sighs

Stones gather in pockets below
the quiet trickle of water falling
peace comes to the room of blue
universal bliss ensues,
falling water lulling the senses.

Too long left silent
the sound of a thousand sighs
slips down tapered stone and brass
leaving a languid space
welcoming to the peaceful mind.

Complete on bamboo base
round like circles cascading life
move the mind to drifting ripples
and the solitude of the I am
comes alive once more.

I found a table for my home fountain today, perfect for the blue room. I cleaned it out, added some water and plugged it in and now I am in meditationville once again. Ah the simple joys of life ❤ Namaste, K

Pieces of mind

The stars that fell from the skies
Living upon the hill of my mind,
meandering through,
no purpose in the practice
just to let it be
moving through color
little here and there
images I see somewhere within
falling in drops on paper.
Not the best
not the worst
been so long since I’ve been here
sunlight beyond
and the solitary whispers call
to let it be.
Feels so very good
a lazy day to set free
words and paint and just a little
piece of the mind layed down
takng shape and form
when enough is enough
for now
there will come later
additions and subtractions
of just tuck it away in the stack
of moments spent here,
glass table and waterdrops
and sunlight to keep company,
stand up and walk away
to other needs and tasks,
knowing I will return
to the moon on the hills
searching for the stars that fell
somewhere beyond space and time.

Finally carving out a few hours to practice my watercolors, not the best but just a reminder that practice will bring more talent. Hubbys birthday today finds him out fishing at the jetty, dinner out tonight and time for me to play with my paints too, priceless indeed. The song “please come to Boston” was in my head when I concocted this piece….still looking for the stars, how typical for me, hmmm?
peace and blessings and happy hump day, and a happy birthday to my love💜🎨🌠🌌

The perfection of balance 

In the wilderness we wander
seeking answers to age old questions,
left staring at the graffiti on walls
wondering who left the book behind,
the old and dusty volume that we were told
had each reason
each purpose
and still we move forward
this chain of humanity
wondering when
the madness will cease.

Under a rising sun we wake
setting open all of the fences of need,
standing on toes to grasp alignment in the stars
we open our hands to find
a perfect balance
through words,
tears of understanding,
strength of solidarity
and a wholeness of a heart,
we rise up to challenge
the darkness while we wait
for the light will come,
as it always comes
and with it we stand on the precipice-
a new day of awareness
where forgiveness and healing
walk hand and hand
with the purest of intention,
where a smile pays entry
to a soul unified.
We will move across this stage of life
with grace and humanity
and we will embrace the unembraceable
for that is the only way
fear will be suffocated into a new realm
and love and tolerance
will triumph.
The perfection of balance
I pray in my lifetime
with so much at stake
dance the dance of now
holding onto the light
and spreading the image
of one.