Pieces of mind

The stars that fell from the skies
Living upon the hill of my mind,
meandering through,
no purpose in the practice
just to let it be
moving through color
little here and there
images I see somewhere within
falling in drops on paper.
Not the best
not the worst
been so long since I’ve been here
sunlight beyond
and the solitary whispers call
to let it be.
Feels so very good
a lazy day to set free
words and paint and just a little
piece of the mind layed down
takng shape and form
when enough is enough
for now
there will come later
additions and subtractions
of just tuck it away in the stack
of moments spent here,
glass table and waterdrops
and sunlight to keep company,
stand up and walk away
to other needs and tasks,
knowing I will return
to the moon on the hills
searching for the stars that fell
somewhere beyond space and time.

Finally carving out a few hours to practice my watercolors, not the best but just a reminder that practice will bring more talent. Hubbys birthday today finds him out fishing at the jetty, dinner out tonight and time for me to play with my paints too, priceless indeed. The song “please come to Boston” was in my head when I concocted this piece….still looking for the stars, how typical for me, hmmm?
peace and blessings and happy hump day, and a happy birthday to my love💜🎨🌠🌌

The perfection of balance 

In the wilderness we wander
seeking answers to age old questions,
left staring at the graffiti on walls
wondering who left the book behind,
the old and dusty volume that we were told
had each reason
each purpose
and still we move forward
this chain of humanity
wondering when
the madness will cease.

Under a rising sun we wake
setting open all of the fences of need,
standing on toes to grasp alignment in the stars
we open our hands to find
a perfect balance
through words,
tears of understanding,
strength of solidarity
and a wholeness of a heart,
we rise up to challenge
the darkness while we wait
for the light will come,
as it always comes
and with it we stand on the precipice-
a new day of awareness
where forgiveness and healing
walk hand and hand
with the purest of intention,
where a smile pays entry
to a soul unified.
We will move across this stage of life
with grace and humanity
and we will embrace the unembraceable
for that is the only way
fear will be suffocated into a new realm
and love and tolerance
will triumph.
The perfection of balance
I pray in my lifetime
with so much at stake
dance the dance of now
holding onto the light
and spreading the image
of one.

And then what?

What happens then she asked, in a timid quiet voice,

When we reach the end of the road,

The edge of all that is,

What happens then?

Who was I to be the one to answer,

As each one of us moved through on our own,

Slinking through this life with open arms

Or fear in our eyes for what could be….

What could I say to allieviate the discord,

To banish the anxiety that could arise,

But no,

It was not my place to speak of that which I had learned

Through the tumultuous road I had travelled,

For that was my journey and not hers,

So I smiled, like any semi wise person would do,

And still she looked at me with those inquisitive eyes

And I bowed my head before her and reached out for her hand,

There, I pointed towards the future,

There is where it begins and it is there that you must walk.

She looked at me with a slight trembling fear in her eyes,

I don’t want to go there alone she said quietly.

I chuckled lightly, hearing my own words come forth from within her

And I gazed down at her and gave her a slight nudge,

I shall walk with you for but a little while,

And then you must go alone for it is a path I know well,

And for you to learn all the world has before you,

You must learn by yourself,

But fear not for I shall be watching,

You may not see me, but when you feel most afraid,

Picture me and feel peace, 

See me in your mind and know I am there.

She seemed contented then and we took the first steps forward,

I lit each star on her path and lent her my light gladly.

We came to a fork in the road and she began moving on her own,

I stopped and she turned around realizing that I was to go no farther.

Thank you her eyes said and the world about her began to emit a strange glow,

She nodded once and reached for me but I had already begun my descent down below,

I smiled and gave her a wave and she gave one in return,

She was a child of the universe,

I was her star above,

She had bravery in her heart

And I was so proud to let her go,

She who would become the soul who would someday shake the foundation of all,

A piece of stardust and light thrust forth in her new home,

A star seed making her way to amazing things.

Thinking thoughts in dark times of light that is often forgotten yet much needed. Just a tale from the tippy reaches of my mind….peace, love and light to all, Kim

In quiet spaces

Sweet moon whispering

In quiet spaces

Places where solitude is embraced

As the heart of a dreamer moves

Seeking the life

The energy of solace.

Sitting in white rooms of yesterday,

Jars long empty filled with dried bits

Of a season long gone,

Sitting in lucid thought

Remembering dreams that fell like worn petals

To the floor.

She spoke to the sky,

Whispered hopes and fears

And watched, waiting for answers to come forth

And she slipped from hiding

The wolf moon gazing back

As the poet turned knowing

The answer had already been gleaned

From midnights darkest stories,

From heart songs that sang

As she drifted away.

I have not seen the moon in I do not know how long, yet in the darkness early this morning, she gifted me with her beauty, moving me from grey depths into the surface of another morning of life. The image called me to write about a quiet space where poets dream and create.

Plumeria pass

Past shell imbedded streets still cool

Comes the time before the sun begins

And the feet move along at a happy jaunty gait,

We reach the curve where the old fence guards

Empty yards as it decays into rusty tentacles,

The scent of plumeria rich on the air

Waving in a simple gulf breeze

Welcoming us to come and inhale

The seasons of this life.

Pale flopping flowers

Petals at our feet like the waiting

Of kings and queens to tread upon the blanket

Of pale pink silken bits

That fall like confetti

To the ground.

The season of slowness comes to bear

Warmth we find nothing to compare

And the blooming plants on this quiet morning walk

Fill yards and the magnificent spiked plants that reach out 

Waving their arms to the sky

There is no sound but for the birds,

The flocks wandering on grasses searching

Keeping wary eyes on the hounds as we travel by

And the legs that carry us

Still waking from slumber becoming loose

Muscles stretching keeping pace

In the morning place

Of home.

A beautiful morning walk as the sun was just beginning to rise up and the plumeria on the corner curve waiting, rich scents filling a moist air, a life to explore each waking morn. Photo found on Internet.


Dwelling within this moment
looking out towards the next second
the hands of the clock move
endlessly the same
A heartbeat of time
no disruption
no void
Moving through this space
this thing called life
To see beyond
tired eyes gaze in a fog
not really present
just moving this motion
as the wheels crush pavement
and the world rushes by
although it stays in its place
it is just the beings that move
as the rubber turns
too fast to see
speeding on to the sun
without the tick tock
bumps disrupt
the thought that wandered
to the dream it became
while locked within
now free of chains
without being hindered
it slipped silently away
into the dark coming of night
where others lay
within the mind
without the conscious rush
of now.

I find it funny, being such a creature of habit, when my routine hits a speed bump it causes so much chaos with my thoughts, like wild horses running every which way, gets so hard to wrangle them in. Letting the thoughts roam the plains wild today I suppose.

Clarity of light

Through pages I travel
Each path constructed
With thought and energy
And words mark each step
Leading to the clarity
And the light.
I balance my step on beams
Parallel existence found
On levels of awake and sleep
Where a dream casts shadows
And a song the only piece remaining.
The sun lies between clouds
Two shelves filtered
And the space between
Night and day reach out
Red splendor of another image in life.
I listen to the sounds
Beyond in the forest of coolness
Dampening my brow and the peace
Quietly caressing my senses
Alive in the light
The clarity of your words
Give me crumbs to follow
Into the bliss
Of dawn.


She hung the words from
Invisible strings
Of thoughts secure
Like a slivered moon
Hanging in serenity
Above her world.
She dreamt of skies
In a cool grey dawn
That caught each syllable
Like a whisper of passion
Between the stars
In love.
She walked the path into a day
That rose to greet her
Like an old friend not yet met
And she opened her heart
To the promise
Of all that is.
She sang her song silently
Flowing from inner pools
Where mystery and bliss become entwined
In a moment of now
In a pure quiet
She came to the place
Where her heart soared high
Unfettered by sadness
And knowing no bounds
Lifted on winds
That called like a sage
That soothed her soul
Like no other.


So comes the time in morning
The earliest light inching
Forward like a thief
Stealing the night away
Leaving the world
Faded muted shades
A dimness of a waking day.
Words held gently
Like frail seconds that pass
Much too quickly
In the hours before she wakes
We take the time to stop
Watch the slow decay
Of petals
Of greens in light
That give no life to inspire
No brightness
Just blues and hues
Of melancholy.
I touch you as I pass by
Soft sleeping forms
Peace finds in the depths
The throes of dreams perhaps?
Grayness calls the end
And I open my eyes and see
The falling of the watered rain
Sliding down the pane
Dropping out of sight below
Into the soul
Of the soil,
Giving nourishment to
The waiting of spring
The green hidden in white
Fading into this.

Shine on soul

Thoughts trickle through
Light shining
Tranquil on soul
Sweet bliss of peace
Through darkness falling
Like lost stars.
She sings her song of now
The fog cut softly
A light reflected
Apparition alive
Through her lips
Whispering ghosts
Burning off
With the rising sun.
Awake to damp chill
There awaits a quiet place
Where thoughts run free
And wildflowers tangle
Their beauty woven
A crown placed
On the fairest
The sweetest who rises
In glory.