Three day/three quote challenge Day 2

I was invited to participate in the three day quote challenge and after already missing a day, for which I cannot apologize for due to other pressings needs that arose but T.Wayne over at A Joyful Process told me it’s cool.  The challenge given is for three days in a row, post a quote and invite three other bloggers to join in the challenge. One would think this an easy task yet I see so many have already undertaken this and I do not wish to put you on the spot so I think from here on in, if you choose to do so, you may participate with this open invite. If you do, please add a link in my comments section so that others may find your lovely blogs and explore your worlds. 

My quote for the day is as follows:

“If only you could suddenly be unaware of all things, then you could pass into an oblivion of your own body” 

Meister Eckhart

I’ve had this quote for years now and it came from the little zen calendar on Sunday 28 October 2001. Time passes by so quickly and we get so caught up in life, the drama of the evils of the world, even mindless television shows. We immerse ourselves in the outer to avoid the truth of the reflection within. I sit here listening to a fly buzzing at the window on a cold November day. I set it free of course and I’m quite sure it doesn’t realize that although the sun shines giving warmth to the room, it is indeed quite cool outside. But it has a desire to fly in nature and I shall oblige. But in the quiet of this room, I did become aware of it. Aware of the raindrops dried in dirt spots on the window and of now, right this very moment another fly buzzing furiously high above me in the skylight. It will have to descend if it seeks release for I cannot reach that high. 

So then how to become unaware of all things, when our attention is focused on the minutiae and so I site here and I become aware of the breathing of Miss Apple the dog as she slumbers on the window seat beside me in the sunbeam. I hear the gentle rhythm of breath moving in and then out slowly, gently and as only a meditation can, I feel myself fall into the same rhythm. Slow and deep and I am aware of this, yet strangely apart from it. 

I feel the calm descend as beyond the pane the last vestiges of leaves sway in the invisible breeze and it is only with the sudden boom of a gunshot that echoes through the air beyond, that I move past this drifting into awarenes of self. This is life, each moment, each second, each thing noticed and not. And still the fly buzzes above me, perhaps unsure as it beats against the glass, that we are inside looking out for the opening. The reflection comes back to land on the soul still searching. For now, it is enough just to know which direction to go.

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Three day quote challenge-Day one

I was offered this challenge by T.Wayne over at The mission: To post three days consecutively a quote and nominate 3 other bloggers to join the challenge.
Now I’m not normally a big fan of these things, just ask anyone who has been kind enough to give me awards, ones that are still waiting to be officially accepted. I shall try my best to fulfill the goal, but you know me, so easily distracted by shiny things and beautiful dead men to write poems about. So without further babbling, my quote for today is:

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today”

James Dean

I have always loved this quote and as a young girl was a huge fan of Mr. Dean. Later in life it moved to a fascination for the likes of Heath Ledger and Kurt Cobain (before they passed on),such a tragic loss of young talented men. But they lived the quote, squeezing out the breath out of life by pursuing their passion then dying young…seems I have a knack for picking them. In hindsight I think what drew me to them was something in their eyes that set them apart from others, something that shined in its sadness, almost as if to say, watch me fly. And then they were gone.

I hereby with the power invested in me, nominate the following to play if they so desire, and if they decline, well that’s cool too…but please, in the meantime, stop by and check out these awesomely fun places, drop them a line, say hello, and enjoy.

Courage opened

Like a gift
To the heart
Of self and soul
Opened exposed.
Words keep circling back
With truth.
So profound to finally see
What was always there
Waiting patiently.
Stepping out in light
The stage set for the final act
Her entrance quiet
Unannounced entering
Luminous and shimmering
Elements of earth
Fire, air, water
Movement so sublime
Almost missed
And then suddenly there
Before you.
Offering itself freely
Courage rises
Slipping in through cracks
And shining like the sun
Eclipsed by the moon
Searing into memory
This moment
This place in time.
Head high
Shoulders back
Forging on
Into the tomorrow
That lays in wait
With abundance and infinite possibilities
Hands open
As it fills to overflowing.