Splendor of skies

How can we not love the rain,

wet, damp, coming at awkward moments

as we rush to and fro

living our everyday lives

with no time for this shower

drops the size of dimes splashing down

we shelter ourselves as best we can

beneath inadequate umbrellas and eaves

as it soaks through cotton

we sigh and glance up to see,

how far and how long

till we can make that break

to a better place.

In the distance the glow surfaces,

the end of the storm on hand

and we smile for we know

that even though it was just an inconvenience,

better things wait round the corner,

as the grey moves off and the humidity rises

with the evening sunset poised to take flight

into the far side of the earth,

we gaze above to find the splendor that waits,

and we watch with gleeful smiles

blessed to have witnessed this view

and to capture just a bit

to prove it was no mirage

but a color slide into our hearts

bringing peace with its being.

Photo taken this past week above our home. Rain daily but with a gift like this, who can really complain?

Chasing rainbows

Dark skies threaten

Angry clouds hang low 

Seams split as glorious sun breaks through

Chasing rainbows it seems.

Moving forward to rise above

The storm gathering

I turn and close off the view

Of the darkness beyond,

Reaching within to find

A better moment than what always seems

Stormy weather.

Sleepless lay waiting, searching

In the threshold of lucid dreams

Knowing enough to let go.

Long days of eternity

Stretch out like lonely roads,

Needing to touch the light of color,

To leave the blank slate of blackness-

Chalk falls to the floor

Broken and crumbling under foot.

When nothing to say leaves a trace of dust

Impressions of a dying day

Emptied of its minutes

Spent at the five and dime

Touches of yesterday

Once more.

Art found at : https://www.etsy.com/listing/234312730/dark-sky-rainbow-original-landscape-oil

Driving home from work yesterday, the darkest clouds of an approaching front, and a blinding sun in the rearview illuminating the various rainbows before me….no place to pull aside to get an image…..on a day not so spectacular, there is always something good to find somewhere….

Water colored skies

Through her tears
Falling trough the summer sun
She paints rainbows
Like water colored skies
Upon the palette of blue
Dappled with clouds
That cover her memories.
She searches her world
The ocean depths of cerulean blues
As the waves of loss
Drown her within.
Wind blown sand stings
Embedded on canvas
Becoming one with itself
Shell fragments like knives
Cutting in to her heart of thoughts
And the blood pumps faster
Falling like crystals at her feet
Dressed in a prism
Of colors that made her
Empty to whole
As the treasure at the end
Was always found within,
She will grab a new sheet
And start yet again.

Rainbow thought

And what becomes of the rainbow
The sliver of color that never quite
Touches down
To grace the ground,
That only slides through the air
To land in the mind
Of the dreamer.
And what becomes of the child that wishes
Eyes closed tight
A smile lighting the cherub face
As hope overtakes sorrow,
Of magic that will be
If she believes.
And what becomes of those who never see
Locked in their darkness
And not quite aware
As the colors fall like rain
Upon the head
The eyes blind to the simple glow
Through rain and grey
The sun still shines
Illuminating the world
With the brilliance of the spectrum
Of all that can be.