Captured by illusion

We move in random theory
standing in the midst of a chaos
of sleepless nights beneath sullen moons
that stare into the abyss of dreams.
I had thought of living and dying,
being in the place of illusion
called upon in the forefront of a hasty life,
rushing through to reach the split
between stages of paths united,
I bristled where I should have found peace
in battering words set apart,
I did not ask for the foretold gift
of carrying the weight she gave
yet called upon the deeper well of light
I rose and moved away untouched.
Who dares to come to the sanctuary unasked,
an ​intruder of the mayhem brought forth,
I slipped into the quiet place
where dreams lay waiting to be found
and touched the clouds in secrecy,
those orange hued beauties rise
as the gentle sun sets down to ripple
the stream of consciousness forgotten.
How is it that we move away
from the comfort of a shallow pool,
dare to dive deep into the darkness
knowing we will surely rise again,
the lingering call of those unseen reach in
and in pulling me forth I wake to find
an escape back into the yesteryear
where the drama cannot find
the path I’ve tread upon,
and the silver light of a dying moon speaks
as I lie awake and wonder
what tomorrow will truly bring.

I know, I know…it’s been awhile, too long really but I have made great strides in utilizing my time in writing a very long story (67,000+ words and counting so far) that I hope to publish in this coming year. If you’re still reading, thank you and will be popping in sporadically as I can until work slows down (Still loving the job and the people it brings into your life) and the story gets finished. Peace and blessings and I’m still breathing, indeed. ❤ K


Through contrasted realities
dark and light come together
creating a balance needed,
the yin and yang of life.
A karmic procession filters scenes
as what is and is not merge
becoming one to be
all that is.
Seasons shaping images
yesterdays and todays live in storage
swept up on gentle breezes
and tucked away,
love notes from the universe to be burned
to give warmth,
preserving life.
For all is love in form when given,
shared amongst the chilled
that wait with arms out to grasp,
begging for a sign
that life has not forsaken,
that precious drops will quench the thirst
of a drought torn soul
in need of redemption.
We rise in times
an oasis mirage of joy
materializing from nothing but dreams
and manifested in the most imagined,
to see it and become,
a balanced giving form.

Watched Scrooge last night, the version with Alastair Sim from the 50’s and I just love the thrill I get when he wakes, almost like a madman rushing around and mumbling, laughing and dancing. It brings my heart joy each time ❤ He donated his body to science when he died, I hope they used it to learn how to recreate that joy from his brain. (I like to think Gene Wilder took notes from him….eerie similarities in his acting….thinking Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory of course). Peace and love and off to work kids, see ya.



Pieces bursting through

Empty holder sits

Unable to hold


Returning through portals 

Letting go hold 

On this piece of now.

Slipping in the sand

Of shores unknown

A life in a second.

Nameless empty streets

Cosmic highways wait for passengers,

Echoes of silence deafen

The heart of stillness


To hold forever

Embracing the majesty,

The wonder leaving spellbound

The mind that sees clearly

Everything that is

Nothing at all.

Tiny specks hang in space

Each crystal reflecting the light

Of every life lived before

This moment became