I remember the scent of hay

growing in fields below a setting sun,


for that moment when ready,




severed and laying beneath the sun

drying out,

curling into a remnant of self.

Words pass through days

reaching in deep

pulling out the moisture

the life blood

the force that gave life

and with a last gasp

rolled into mounds

to serve purpose

in new ways under a winter sun,

brittle and cold

yet ready.

Rough and edged with pieces of yesterday

cut down from the beauty of the growth

fodder for life

still of use

sustenance for the hooved beast,

food for the circle

the chain that moves round,

I should be happy to be

when so many lands lay barren.

For I am a part of all,

it is I

and I am stacked and in circles

waiting for the next move.

Learning to fly….(it’s all about the love)

Do you remember when we stood outside

As the cold wet snow fell down,

Black wool coat increasing weight

As the wetness of tears and glistening drops of ice

We’re enough to melt this moment

Into an empty jar full of memory.

Do you remember when we lay on green grass

Quad days and blankets

Skipping class to just be grounded

And the clouds that drifted

We’re as thick as our thoughts

And the soft blue cotton blanket never thick enough

To cushion the blow as I watched you

Watch her walk away.

Do you remember nights in black light rooms

Giving shades of purple to the pictures

And we would look out and name stars

While Pink Flloyd played a dirge in the background,

How I wished you were there

Yet you laughed without care

Calling me a child,

How someday I’d grow up.

Do you remember how I was learning of love

Of how to cling to a soul that moved

Like the invisible wind,

There one moment then slipping away the next,

How I wanted you to be the mountain 

Sturdy and strong to support a branch

To cradle a broken bird,

As you shuddered and crumbled

And I watched so sad as you lost sight of the sun

And the moon and cosmos laughed

For you thought you knew the answer,

Having found it swimming in the dirty water

As the smoke reached out to erase your mind,

I had to walk away, leaving it behind.

I turned and followed my own path,

Leaving the sharp rocks of the roughest trail,

Finally finding love and oceans blue,

The love for love and all of those things

The gift of being true and filled with light,

Those simple things for free,

You never could give to me,

As open and pure as wildflowers 

Dividing lonely highways,

Colors of spring and summer,

Fading as we drifted by on our way

With the wind in our hair,

Damn we are so alive when I remember it all,

Just as we still are in this moment.

I reached out to grasp the universe

And it found me with an open heart.

He sits by the sea today below the sun

Toes moving through sand as he searches for gifts,

Pieces and bits as old as history.

Things that make me smile,

Knowing our love flies high like strong winged birds,

And I wait for his return,

Do you remember when.
I was musing earlier about how when younger my expectations were often distorted but when the heart opens and matures, I realize how simple it is, and chastise myself for waiting so long to learn it. The beginning of this post were my college days…so long ago. But today, I miss my love and know he shall read this, giving the gift of a love between two and a smile across miles.

Entering flight

Words changing
Constantly rearranging
The mirror soul knows
The ways of the bird that flies free.
Silver clouds carry
Glass hearts carrying love
Sheltered within the love
Miles from home.
I hear the sky speaking
The clouds carry my thoughts on gentle wind
And I stand here on the edge
Another horizon in view
In my thoughts there’s you.
Miles to go before sleep
The letting go
A promise to keep
And I set aside the fear
And I walk away from the worry that consumes
Lifting wings and swept away
The beauty of the sun today
And looking down as leaves still fall
Knowing I can choose it all
Or none,
As I make my way still learning
I can fly.
I carry with my energy
A sweet vision of your hands
Held around me tight
Yet letting go to journey on
I wait in the air suspended
With the love you give
Eyes bright and steady
Seeing our future within reach,
Coasting on seaside dreams,
I will be there.

Spaces between clouds

Morning finds the skies darkening
A moth-eaten blanket of clouds
Allowing bits of light through spaces
And I move restlessly through
The routine to mark each moment
This then that
In order marching like soldiers
Left right left
Keeping beat to the pace
Out of sync.
Eating star-dust for breakfast
With a taste of coffee to fuel the engine
As the ants move slowly
As if tired from the party the night before.
I hear the planes above me
Casting their streamers on high
Out of sight of waking eyes
As they go higher into the light
Of a rising sun only they see.
I wish I were there
Beside the blue of the water,
My love and me
Building castles of sand
And whiling away the days
Like a gentle breeze,
Yet here a north wind blows cold
Bringing threats of icy snow
And I long to sit
Grabbing a blanket by fireside
Basking in the warmth
Of July nights
In a paradise that calls
Take me away from it all.
So I will wish on falling stars
The how I wonder where you are
At this minute
At this second
You light my mind
With thoughts of missing you.

Waiting for you

Solitary seat alone
Knowing you will come
Skies calm and serene
Waiting for you it seems.
Water moves slowly
The day’s light slow to rise
Memories come filtering through
Thoughts of you.
Who came before
Young and old
Whiling away the time
Relaxed and pondering
The moments of yesterday.
I will be there again
Some sunny day will find us
Sitting together in silence
No words need to be spoken
To just be here
You and I
No longer waiting
The moment is here

Photo taken by my Dad: Ron Buggenhagen

Beguiled-a compilation

The lovely Cynthia Morgan and I have continued our creative tryst and this week I was given as my prompt, this stunning and gorgeous piece of art which was painted by Mark Spain. How can a girl go wrong with a prompt like that? This is part three of our collaboration and please do stop by Cynthia’s site and get lost in the magic of her spectacular writing and images. She conjures the most amazing posts and I know you will enjoy. Below this weeks piece are the last two weeks compilations, in case you missed one. So without further ado, here is my written piece to accompany the lovely beauty seen here.


Eyes that smolder, drawing you in
the teasing smile like a sensual sin
she gazes through, lights your soul on fire
as your thoughts burn like a funeral pyre,
her skin so smooth, so silky light
and you want it so much, this lovely delight.
Her words capture you, a sweet southern drawl
on hands and knees you’d surely crawl
to touch this maidens soft pale skin
your fingers run down as you begin
to trace her back like a delicate dance
lost in the moment of this romance.
Beguiling words to quench your thirst
for lust and life she will come first
to weave her magic on a poor souls heart
you never want to be swept apart
this wild hearted woman with a wanton need
will claim your soul, on this she’ll feed
and take you to the dream you crave
for her you’d be her beckoned slave.
She is the master of such desire
a sultry mistress you’ll never tire
as she leads you to her chamber door,
Oh God, you think…I must have more.

Awake amidst the Morning’s shimmer,
Glimmer Smiling upon your Skin,
Begin the day with Love Beguiling,
Smiling to know the quandary we’re in!
Beyond the Whispers, Silent as Prose,
Rose Red Morning lifts her Gaze,
Haze of Fire Softly Singing,
Bringing Mischief to these weary Days!
Oh My Love, Before you Leave me,
Be my All one Moment More,
Implore from me my Heart’s Desire,
Fire Kissing a Boundless Shore!
Clandestine Love, Immortal Treasure,
Amidst stolen Moments of Exquisite Pleasure!
Deliberate Plea

You come to me
Deliberate and gentle
In my weakest moment
You gather me close
Skin touching skin
Please, let us begin.
Passion fills the air around
Touch me now,
Don’t let me down
I am filled
My cup overflowing
You are all I desire,
With you my soul is on fire
As we are love-inspiring
Take me now,
One more time.

Song of this moment

Now,now must-
Post haste
That turns on a dime
A word
A phrase
The hackles raise
And the Lightning illuminates
The emptiness within.

A moment of
So much happening
Losing control of
That small bit with held
Preservation from
The demise
Where insanity will arise.

Don’t speak
Faster faster

And the snow falls silently
Matching the music of mood
White out image
Don’t go back
Don’t turn round
To face what is better left behind
And it goes on
And round.

It spins like the dervish
And the isolation punishes the weak
The mind sits at bay
Ears down
Tail between legs
Just another stray left behind
But the monsters rise
Yet not evil
Just the voices of reason chained
To micro-managed need
And they will die
And over again
Living in the bubble
Of a reality best fit
For complacency.

And the music plays on
For deaf ears of the world
Where the craziness reigns
And the peaceful will keep the beat
Even if it is the head against the wall
Straining for release,
Straining for an answer
That will set the pace
For the dance to come.

Waiting ashore

He watched as his boat drifted away
sad to know he missed the moment,
she was on board
daylight would wake her soon,
He had slipped away in the night
to fetch her a ring of gold,
to make her his
to show the love
his words could never quite say.
He watched his life
heading for the horizon
with no goodbye
no word of his plan
was ever spoken
and time slipped by
as he searched for what was right,
the perfect one,
as delicate as her.
What would she think
as she awoke and went to find
the love she had found
on this vacation trip
was now left far behind.
Would she cry
would she care
He pockets the box and walks away,
opportunity lost
but will it come again,
he wonders as his heart breaks,
feels the dull ache
and knows the answers will come
someday perhaps,
just not right now.

Just trying out a short pop of fiction….

The conversation

Last night for a change of pace went out to a local restaurant that is not quite fine dining but close. The place wasn’t very busy which was good as it was an impulse to go there we had not called for reservations. We had a nice table by the window and the food was incredible. About halfway through dinner another couple came in and were seated next to us. The woman was dressed in high end fashion and lots of jewelry including very shiny bracelets over the sweater. The man was dressed in more casual fare, kind of nondescript everyday guy on the street. They were sitting close enough that you could hear every word they said. We were sitting there quietly talking over the last of our wine and something about their conversation just struck me as funny, they seemed almost like a new couple, not quite comfortable…..
the woman asked him something and when he didn’t answer she tells him that of course he can share his opinion, he looks at her and said “if I were to give you my opinion we wouldn’t get along as well as we do.” She tells him his opinion is important and to share, he looks at her and quietly says ok. He has things he would like to hang on the walls, things HE likes and would like to see up. She looks at him and says “well ok, you can hang your things up… long as they’re tasteful”. He tells her that “she is a hoity-toity kind of woman and he is not,”” she tells him that “no, she is not, she just has good taste.” He says”see, you’re not going to let me hang my things up” and she just looks at him and says “only if I like them and they are tasteful”.
I get the feeling their walls will be filled with her. He will live in a house devoid of his own essence and he will most likely be found most days out in the garage-man cave.
I told hubby about what was said once we got on the road. He laughed. We don’t argue, we debate because as he says “you are right” enough to placate me and I am wise enough to know that “yes, I am right”.