Trinkets and tidbits pressed together

reminiscent of a bus with one too many passengers

jostling with each step, each bump rocking

back and forth heaped yet trying to remain

separate in space.

Boxes heaped with rusted bolts and nuts

and the odd occasional I don’t know what

forced like sardines as I search

for the elusive gold.

I know not the name of what I seek,

only knowing when I see it I shall know

that this is the one I had waited for

and I move forward in the crush

glancing here and there

while lost in towering piles of toys and trash

I turn the corner into the fresh breeze of beyond

knowing that today is not the day

to unearth the prize

of a flea market surprise.

Yesterday my husband and I journeyed to Bradenton to visit this big red barn flea market, not in search of fleas, please….I needed a piece of wood or something for my watercolor class that would fit my lap and not be hurt by water, paint, etc….I love the antique areas but there was one crushed area that was filled with to say it politely, junk. Boxes and boxes of metal pieces and bolts, chains, etc….packed so tightly you trip over these remnants from what looks like World War one. I did not find what I was looking for so went to Walmart where I happened to score the last purple ridged cutting board that should suit nicely. Not a flea market find but for 7.50$, I can always use it to cut veggies on if it doesn’t work out for the art thing. this image is not the flea market I attended, this one looks cool (trenton punk rock flea market) or something like that 🙂 Peace and happy shopping folks.


Sad dogs lament

Chipmunks laughing aloud
Pursuit would end so quick
If dogs could climb trees.
Trying to jump
To reach,
Too late….
Panting of breath heard
Twittering sounds high above
Up and down the brown orb moves
Stealthy little vermin
Back into the wood
As dogs go round and round
Pop goes the chipmunk
Like the childhood song
Sad eyed and beaten
Returning to home
A bone the lesser reward
For the victory denied,
The thrill of a catch
Weighs heavy on mind.
Later to try again the skill
Perhaps to outwit,
To win
In the battle of beast against beast
May the quickest of nitwits reign
Queen supreme
Of the woodpile hunt.

Thoughts after watching two hapless hounds try to climb the maple and get outwitted by the furry vermin for fifteen solid minutes….I think they’re quite tired now…till later of course as the hunt will begin….after a snack of course.

Silver circles

Between the darkness and the light
There lies a circle
Round like the universe
Moving round
Reminding us
Of the never-ending
The thought that moves endless
That I am here
That you are there
But between it all
We are connected
Spinning round in this endless space
Touching a life in a way
And we are diamonds shining
You and I
Endless in this circle
Infinity knows the way.
I pray for sun
Never ending on a life I’ve just now known
I pray for healing on a life
I embrace heart to heart,
Words can never say
What lays between
Twenty plus days filled
With longing for unity
Longing for return
And I hear the words surrounding me
“What I feel I can’t say…..
When I try my best to make everything succeed …
Who am I without you by my side”
Because without friends we have nought
But with the sincerest heart
We shall succeed.

Thinking of a friend so far…listening to George Harrison and knowing that tomorrow is yet another day to live, to love, to believe in happy healing thoughts ….missing my bestie….have a glass for me….moving on to who will stop the rain from C.C.R……shining down like water….have you ever seen the rain…coming down on a sunny day……