What it is…

Listening to lyrics,
Crushed to the extent
of words that represent
the best of everything
in a child’s eyes,
things unchanged
by wishes and dreams
or escapes of a paradise found,
’cause listening don’t change a single thing
except hearing answers from someone
who slipped in the cracks long before
you came along….
and I see the faces gone
lost in that sullen place
where I visit often
for it is there they teach me
the lessons not quite complete
as they slipped away,
they talk to me
in dreams
where I don’t wish to awaken from
for there are things there
like webs of strings,
following to find
answers I’ve searched for
since a single cell joined,
the music finds me
on the corner of a Southbound lane
there is an answer there…
in the silence of a brick graffiti wall
I find my way
turn round to the shadows eclipsed
by a touch of grey.