Neptune moves

On charging steed
King Neptune moves
Through waves of white
Calling me home.
The horses pound
The sandy shores
Gathering speed
Drawing me in.
Shells sucked under
The raging waters smash
I feel myself being pulled
Into the depths
Of dreams.
Home by the water
Oh sweetness of salt air
And azure skies melting into
The bluest horizon
I am coming home my Neptune
To ride once more
The stallions of sea-foam
To return where I belong.

Art by Walter Crane

Sunny womb

To be in
The embrace
Of a sunbeam
On waves
In a hidden place.
To sway
Move with the rolling
Back and forth
A sweet peace
Salt on my lips
I lick it away
The taste of
The drops
Still remain
A memory
Of bliss.
The world sounds
So different
Under water
Maybe recollection
Of womb state
We understand
This nature
We have come
To this place
So long ago,
The truth that connects
Us all.