We are but so simple,

grains of sand on beaches near and far

mixed and matched and part of a greater whole,

reflective in beauty of a peaceful nature,

and waiting

to be built into castles

for we must do it together,

as you can not build with one little bit,

but to gather it all,

shapes and sizes,

textures and colors

we rise beneath the blue of a summer sky

and knowing we are only temporary,

at some point washed away into the shelf

beyond and under we wait

calm in knowing that with love

anything can be attained,

as we give away our treasures

heart shaped words and sparkling thought,

we imprint ourselves upon the world

across oceans and streams

we become bits and pieces

scattered and loved

like the footprints left then washed clean

we are a part of the whole

a grain

so strong.

Dreams of a child

My sand castles were nothing,

Scooped up mixture of mud and sand

In a square box, 

A memory of a tired land.

No dreams of far off oceans

Nor a prince to rescue me,

I had no dreams yet, They had not been born

Yet my sand castles were something

I just didn’t know it at the time,

They were a part

Of who I’d become.

By the water

My thoughts reside

Upon white sandy shores

Void of life,

Just footprints left behind

As I walk through dreams.

Castles built and settling in

To become once more

A part of the bottom

Of endless thoughts 

And deepest seas.

Whispering winds moving water

Rolling in and out with the changing

As the guard moon retires

And the sun rises as sentry at dawn

And each star above

Wished upon in quiet days of peace

Gather together the words

Manifesting each step we take

Prints that too will sink below

Unseen and forgotten

Imprints whisked away

Into new hopes and dreams


By the sea.