Layered lives

One upon one upon one
Varying hues to highlight
the wild side that lies somewhere in between
unseen in itself
but reflected when mixed
in just the right ways.
We move through days like tigers in fields,
searching for the next quarry,
knowing not what may lay in wait
to hinder the ease of the everyday,
subtle shades of passing days,
beneath the fullest moon of pinkish hues
we wait for the darkness to hide,
to become one wih the part we know so well,
to unite and be whole in and of our soul.
Still the trees will rise up to mark the passing sun,
the dial set to what will become,
ticking away like these thoughts that move
in their precision we are caught up
in the watching of what is,
knowing what will be as we sit idly by,
lost in the reverie of everything and nothing,
trapped in the cages built by the same hands that prison
we search blindly for keys
that sit just out of reach
fooled by the moon and her beauteous glow,
caught up still in what we know,
and what we choose to disregard.
So we climb higher looking still
and seeing the vastness of what lay before,
we wonder how to fly,
yet never daring to attempt to try,
fearful from each day that led us here,
we sit and watch
and then we gaze some more
baffled by this life,
never seeing the true reflection
from the layers we’ve added
and gathered
and buried
and what was is now foreign and new
confusing us by the coating
of spots instead of stripes,
torn apart by the clever
we gaze up above
wondering what
has happened.
Thoughts on a very long day, the full moon, the writings from others who touch us just so, and the hope with each day that comes, will bring the peace of answers we seek. All good my friends, tired and awaiting the moon filled sky….perhaps to tell me why? Why what? you may ask? With a smile she says, darned if I knowđŸ˜ŠđŸ’œđŸ™đŸ»â˜ź

On wing

We are arriving at our destination

drifting along on star speckled backdrops

watching the clouds race beyond our view

we are coming home to self

as the descent begins

we feel the unease,

the unknown foreign to our minds, yet embraced.

For we know that as feet touch down

we will be where it is we were meant to be,

our journey once more just beginning

as we hold up the magnifying glass to see

that which had been hidden for so very long

in heavy clouds and illusions given by others,

we will thrill to the spectacle as we find

our hearts and souls embraced

by a thousand moons and suns,

dancing on the midnight blue curtain

of our dreams.

Beautiful image by: Daniela Beckmann

At 17

At 17 I set thought orbs in glass jars on window sills

hoping to catch the light to add color and life to the dark marbles

endless piling up and spilling over,

rolling out and down the roof

lost in the lawn to be found by cutting blades,

mowers make hasty work of beauty,

chipped and broken I picked them up

one by one depositing them back in place

now able to fit in more as pieces take less space

when no longer whole.

At 18 I no longer needed the jar, or the light to see

through the darkness piled up for they had turned

to fine grains of sand,

each hurt, each infliction of pain

castles built of a fragile mind

tipped over to the wind and set free,

no longer serving who/what had been me,

standing in the rain with an empty jar

I caught puddles of rainbows

swirling them about I found the smile

I thought I could live without.

Reflections of things here and gone,

no longer adding debits or credits

but being at one with what was

and what would be

the essence of me no longer contained

in jars on sills

and broken marbles cut to bits,

no words to describe the ever changing tide

that I had become

moving through and over

never looking back

no longer needed to see what was left behind.

Not sure where this came from but saw the image and these words came to mind. No worries, I am a happy girl in the light. No darkness here, just talking with words from the stratosphere of the cosmic mind.

A to Z of me-slight poetic? form

I was chosen by Ivy to take part in the A to Z of me fun, as it is a new year, I don’t do awards but figured why not partake and let you all know a bit about ME 🙂 and do not feel like you have to read as I’m sure it will get a bit long-not normally me, but there’s a lot of letters to cover here so without further ado:


Ask me who I am and I will try to look inward to see

Beneath the surface so many things to tell you of

Chances are you already know from my words I spill

Delighted I am to try to unearth some more.

Elegia was one of my favorite songs, instrumental to soothe and inspire

Found solace with a broken heart to many more.

Grateful for the gifts I’ve been given, too many to count here

Happy to know Peace on many days

Idealist in form and a dreamer above all.

Just in case I lose my place, which happens more often than not,

Kim is my name and I live where the sun seems to suit my clothes and mind,

Love to write and spend time getting grounded

Maybe perhaps loves dogs a bit too much at times (smiles sheepishly)

Nocturnal no longer as age catches up, though I do love the moon and stars,

Open skies with clouds make me soar in my mind.

Particular with how I like things, de-cluttering being done of late-

Quests that I set aside often remain unfinished, working on that too.

Reality is just a word I take lightly, I’m a dreamer after all

So now you know what simmers below the surface, at least a bit.

Take heed with your words, for I leave mean people behind easily

Under their skins I know the spots never change,

Very forgiving for the most part, but don’t take advantage (see above)

When I need to escape, I’m quite the turtle at tucking in and swimming down deep.

Xtra sleep I find makes me tired, not enough makes me grumpy

Yes, I’m almost done, I think.

Zip is my alter-ego (dog of yesteryears) who still inspires infinitely.


So as you can see, I used the Alphabet and told you a little more about me. If you’d like to participate in this challenge, I’d love to see what you come up with, so please feel free to leave a link in the comments and I’ll stop on by and check yours out.




We look towards tomorrow

fresh eyes and a hopeful heart

treading the path we set for ourselves,

leaving the yesterdays behind us

for deep within we know that it is back there somewhere

and not a part of what lies beyond,

we tread and spread our lights into darkness

through the days we encounter

each stepping stone a lesson,

each thought a dream in waiting

to become.

Time passes as it shall

and we will move to our beat

one tick tock thump at a time

creating our vision of self

being the life of our party within

and loving that which we are.

We ponder what we would change

waiting for a day to begin

yet knowing that now is that time

to take that new path we know is waiting,

beneath the star filled sky

we reach out to touch it all,

to be a part of that which we crave

in our contented peace

we are embraced by the coming

of a new day.

Silver orb large or small,

we know it will be there

like the thoughts we know will surface

like ripples on the ponds of our lives,

we gaze into the movement

wondering at times how we made it this far,

and realizing that in a way

we’ve only just begun.

This journey keeps evolving

and our lives like the world keep turning,

so we spin in childish ecstasy,

thrilled with the feeling

of just being alive in this moment.



Each story

Woven through the fabric of our days,

Two sides to each tale, 

heads and tails easily seen-

We have those priceless moments,

A child’s smile,

A single flower that blooms unlike others,

We are silver and gold

Oft times left behind waiting

Perhaps lost in the hurry

Or tossed away not needed,

Waiting patiently

For that someone to find us,

Picking us up with a simple joy

At something special found,

Heads up we sit beneath the skies

Just waiting for that moment

When we are gazed at in admiration

And tucked away for a moment when needed.

I found you in the shadows

Gathered up along with a few more

Relics of yesterday the penny of color

Blending with autumn leaves

But more than just a single cent

I place you among the special pieces,

Old silver and stones

My gatherings that I can hold

Feeling the energy of each being that held you

Before you became mine,

Loving you because you are here

With me.


We are but ghosts of our unknown selves

mysteriously drifting with timeless stealth

apparitions of our former lives

caged, entwined throughout our life

we slip the bonds of tired thought

and move to places we’ve often sought

while floating on high we find our course

and disappear into nothing voids of the source.

We give away the best of worlds

within imagining endless source

till the cup is empty

the well runs dry

it is only then we begin to try

to find our way back on the road of us

we take each step on this endless path

and gaining ground we sometimes fail

in lessons learned we still prevail.

The spirit strength rebuilds the shell

where a magic lived that we had heard them tell

and we close our eyes and see anew

a beautiful moment of truth shine through

and so close to source we begin to feel

each birth, each death

each good and bad

and in between the thoughts we’d had

we finally stand and take our place

whilst gowned in our redeeming grace.

On finding self

On his quest to the distant horizon he came upon a tree,

tired from the journey he began to walk slower,

feeling his legs had become like cement,

he saw that he was walking in water that touched his feet

and with each step, rose higher to his knees.

The water moved about him cooling and refreshing

as step by step he came closer to the magnificent arbor,

John realized it was sitting in the middle of the river.

“I come to find the purpose of my life’s journey,”

he spoke to the sky which still lay languid

cradling the sun that was beginning its descent,

it said nothing yet sent a cool breeze

and as he dried his dampened brow

felt the feeling of silk move over his head,

his few remaining hairs blowing slightly,

the man felt calm and at ease.

He stood before the grandest tree he had ever seen,

breathing deeply noticing the light scent

so very beautiful and almost floral-like,

inhaled once more and looked down into the water.

There he saw a boy,

like a movie of images moving slowly before his eyes

and he realized that boy was himself,

and the boy aged with each blink of his eye

and the boy became a young man,

and that young man went off to fight a war,

walking in jungles where firework-like bullets passed

in the deepest of darkness,

he half-carried the man beside him closer to the shore

as tears ran down his face,

saw the waiting machine and knew he was almost home.

The next image was a man in a white room,

he could feel the throbbing in his leg

that for so long had lay dormant and realized

the image was himself,

“I made it through,” he said to the sky

and next saw a man who had only one leg

and they were shaking hands, dressed in uniform

“his name had been Henry, yes, Henry” he said

yet only heard the gentle rustle of the wind.

Next he saw images of children, his own children

that were now grown with families of their own

and one little child who never made it past grade school

before the cancer had spread and taken his little girl

as she smiled at him and held up a flower.

“Her name was Daisy,” he said to the tree with tears falling.

They fell harder and faster and he wondered how he had lived so long

yet had forgotten so much.

He reached his hand out to touch the trunk of the grand tree,

and felt the tree almost sigh,

relaxed and happy the man begged to the tree,

“please, show me more”

yet the tree only stood and allowed a single leaf to fall

into the man’s hand,

and he looked at the small leaf in his hand,

taking note of the veins that ran through it

and he held it up to the last little light,

seeing the resemblance to his own spidery veins in his hand.

Closing his eyes he nodded his head,

my journey is not over yet I see

for I have not fallen yet off of the ground,

and the sky still waits for me in the distance-

I remember now what it was that I was seeking,

and I will not find it in images of the past,

though beautiful memories indeed they were,

but I will keep moving and creating

and living

for that is all that I have always done,

and that is what I must continue to do.

He opened his eyes and found the rain had started beyond his window,

leaning over he felt the breeze blow the curtain inward

as it gently brushed his face,

he lay back down and turned to see the empty space beside him,

he smelled the floral scent on her pillow,

after months just now beginning to fade softly away,

closing his eyes he slipped back into his dreams.


Beautiful image found on the internet.



In our perfect imperfection

the images move through our minds

visions of all we seek to be

yet somewhere within,

not feeling up to the standard

when the bar was set too high on purpose

by the other fragile minds

and the talking box that tells us

it’s never gonna be enough.

We close our eyes and imagine our truth,

the way we see it

which often is like the carnival show

out of spec and enunciated to extreme

and so we move through the lives we live

never feeling quite tall enough

beautiful enough

and we begin to hear our voice within

and seldom standing up to say no wait,

this is so very wrong

for we are perfection in our imperfection,

we are strong and we can be better

than anyone would ever see

for the strength of soul shines

when least expected in the darkness

and voices can be silenced by one step forward

to saying not going back again,

as we manage our truths

as we turn to see the beautiful real truth

we rise above and fly.

She shone in glitter

I never like my smile. It’s not a bad smile, it’s just not one of those award-winning ones that you see everyone else possess. But I have been coming to conclusions recently, taking time to do what is necessary for me, time to ponder the deeper things in life that matter. This image was taken on our anniversary coming out of the restaurant where we had our wedding dinner. It was snowing, which for Western New York in February is not a rare occurrence at all and now that I live where it seems to be hot and sunny every day, I know that images like these will now also be a rare occurrence. I had my picture taken today sitting next to Santa Claus.


The town I reside in was doing a Christmas in July thing today and tomorrow and I found him sans red shirt cooling down holding his bucket of candy canes (and showing his tattoos…who knew?). I smiled and had so much fun just talking with these “transplants” from Wisconsin (Santa and Mrs C) and I felt wonderful just being amongst these people, not caring if I took a good pic or not. Hubby took the pic of course as I’m obviously not a fan of selfies…When we got home I perused the images on the card and downloaded a few and thought, what the hell, why not. I like this picture. It is a reminder of happy days, not that I don’t have a lot of happy days but to see my smile, well, it made me smile. I felt glittery there, almost and if not as good as I felt today. Why the change? I think it’s perspective. To stop caring what others may think, to start doing what I choose to do and not what is expected. I feel as if lately a load has been lifted off of me and it feels amazing. Oh, and I was a mermaid too today.


Darn, that was just too fun. Now you won’t catch me posting these on FB as I refuse to be one of “those” people, but here at WP where my friends are just so caring and loving, I thought I would present myself to you. (Get it, present? Christmas in July) okay, enough. I think what I really want to say is I don’t want to go out of this world ever worrying about what I should have done, what I would do differently. So damn people, I choose to be a mermaid, a Christmas kid at heart and a girl who shines like glitter. And I’m not sorry…perhaps a poem tomorrow but for today, lots of me, me wonderful me….God I’m having fun. Join me, won’t you? Let’s see your happy post of your award-winning smiles and fun caught on film. Trust me, you won’t be sorry (at least I hope not) plus you know I’m gonna like it of course. Because you are beautiful! Yeah, lets spread more of that now okay? Post a link in the comments with your favorite selfie….I dare you, I double dog dare you! I’ll be waiting.