One month anniversary

I’m still around, plugging away on my next book, in between working and living life. It has gone way beyond my expectations and just wanted to let anyone who didn’t catch it the first time around, that it can be found on Amazon. I’m glad I did it and can’t wait to do it again. Free for Kindle Unlimited.

Life is good and I am so blessed.

Tales From The Thrift by K.L. Laettner.

Honoring sacred

Listen to the whispers
of a yesterday far gone
to words of lessons learned
through changes that have come,
silent eyes wait watching
for the cure to now be found,
in sacred love embraced
with more still yet to come.
In shadows sits the elder
carved with tools and thoughts of life,
captured essence moves here
in spirits of those who see
the light beneath the darkness
and the life within the soul,
neither here or gone it remains
drifting in dreams it will become.
The skies will fall and rise
and the waters, in and out
while the scurrying motions move on
unaware of whats been said,
and the young will remember these days
though may not know quite why,
but in the way of seasons they too will slip
in minutes passing by,
perhaps one day to recall
the face who waited with secrets to tell
to the wise who stopped a moment
to gaze into eyes with soul
and a peace found here
beside the man
we never knew at all,
but for a piece of beauty
in shades of green and black,
a part of it all,
a soul for this space and time.

Peeling the universe

We pick at jagged edges,
peeling back the thinnest skin
unravelling onions of the garden
we move through these spaces
searching for the root
to pull
like errant weeds of words
growing and digging in deeper
to the core.
Yesterday thoughts
skewered by time
and adjusted to fit storylines
kept alive through dreams
and the dark rotted hollowness
simmering beneath the glass surface,
shovel in hand we scrape the earth
building castles
from sand and shells
as water inches closer
to slide away the hour toiled
in building the dream
yet never sad to see it fall away
knowing tomorrow another day
remains to build back up
on higher ground.
We peel the universe beyond
always searching
amongst the twinkled lights
for the presence felt
yet never seen
but in a quiet dream.