NaPoWriMo-Day Sex….I mean Six….

Disclaimer now some of you with minds somewhere other than food may read this as something else….that was not my intent…..just sayin’.

I hold you softly

Cupped in my hands

Round soft skin invites

Delving within to find

A pleasure’s bliss


Creamy soft

Like butter slowly melting on my tongue

Slippery on my fingers

Swallowed with sublime joy.

Natures treat of Gods given

Ripe and firm the time is now

Spooning the flesh from skin

Come my love,

Let us begin.

Come on people, oh people, of course it’s avocado….I just had some and oh it was the perfect ripeness. True pleasure indeed.

And now, our (optional) prompt! Today, I challenge you to write a poem about food. This could be a poem about a particular food, or about your relationship to food in general. Or it could simply be a poem relating an incident that involves food.

Color my world

Silky smooth slips
Over the soul,
Dressed for the occasion
Set before
Feast for the eyes
The senses
A tempting treat.
What lies in the space
Floor and ceiling
Waiting patiently
Knowing within your thoughts
This is all you need.
Delicate and rich
Subtle hints of flavor
So sweet
Swept away by each
Sensuous savoring,
Seduction by the moistness
Lost within
Sliding down slowly
Enjoyment in your eyes.
The deepest reds
Like a fine Cabernet
Balanced on the tongue
Just deserts for thoughts
Led astray by temptation
To reach for the piece
And hold in your hands
The bounty of man.

Just some thoughts this rainy morning on food and red velvet cake kept toying with me..what did you think this was about? Hmmmm..and of course I must mention the garish red of the Bills jerseys on Thursday….let them eat cake she says, I’ll take the Cabernet, thank you.
Foodie inspiration from my pal Michael over at the poetry channel….now I’m hungry.

Between the spaces

Life lies between
the here and there
the sliver of space that lingers
mirrored of one to two
hanging as if in limbo
becoming the greater whole.
I sit and smile at moments
that leave me questioning
the up or down
or even perhaps the horizon that moves
into endless sight
You are I
I am you
caught in this vortex of
where images move us to wonder
and the skies fill with the birds
of black shadows like clouds
resting down for but a moment
only to take flight,
leaving the impression within
that this too shall pass,
that we too shall move forward
to the greatness and wonder
we were meant to be part of
and that when dust settles
in our wake
we shall find ourselves
where we were meant to be.
But there will always be something,
no matter how big or small,
words or thoughts
and things invisible to the eye
in the space between everything.

A unique photo I took yesterday…had to share…mirrored image but actually bug sex….who would have thought? Still chuckling. Peace and blessings, K