Time stamp

How many moments

Forgotten on cards set aside

For the next trip

And the moments that need to be kept

Separated from then and now.

Time stamps returning thoughts

Of days gone by,

Moments forgotten and not recalled

When revisited by chance.

Sleeping dog unaware of the watcher,

Rugs cluttered with toys in playful moments

And spring shadows sculpt beauty

As she waits for acknowledgement 

Of a day that slipped by or so thought

Yet resting here now among momentos of yesterday,

I smile quietly in deepest thought 

As I see the changes.

We all turn more tired and grey

Time putting its stamp on us all

Setting minutes aside for the discovery

Of youth found once more.

Playing with the new computer and inserting an old camera card, memories come to life once more…..sleeping dog and playful dog waiting to pounce…..and pouncing dog with cat who is no longer on earth, but a sweet memory….the fat squishy cat who was also fond of hanging with her dog friends investigating the old wood pile for chipmunks….ah, sweet memories indeed.


The darkness within

The dark forest looms ahead

Ghostly greens lay like blankets hiding

Things that move unseen,

Spanish moss hangs cobweb-like

Draped like a funeral shroud,

The eyes watch silently high in trees

As crows caw brings it’s fear and mystery,

And the hawk screeches as it take flight

Grasping at the movement in the night.

A scurry here I do not know,

But see the open spaces waiting

Like a den or lair for the hunters snare,

I don’t go in

I do not dare.

There is evil here on this stretch of road,

Where muddy wallows lay empty and waiting

For gleaming eyes to rise from below

In swamps murky and covered with moss and slime

Something moves and the goosebumps rise,

The hound stays close and gazes in

At something foreign and sinister,

We move past quickly,

No time to waste

As the rustling comes closer

Perhaps were too late.

Just a little thought on the creepy spaces between yards down here where I imagine the monsters and slithery creatures tucked away waiting to jump out and scare….all in fun, the hounds are prepared. 

The trouble with shadows

I watched perplexed as it moved
sullenly like a disciplined ghost
berated for its existence
as its sole purpose for being
had been a joke,
a lie
that it had just settled down
to take a nap in my thoughts
and in doing so
whispered gently across
the peeling white roof.
Caught so to speak
sleeping on the job
and in doing so
realized the error
of its slovenly ways.
I can’t tell you
the thoughts it sparks
the hows, the whys
the stories it inspires
in this vast mind filled
with moon dust and stars
that silently fall for me
when least expecting
like the slippery ghost
of a daydream that moves
as the sun wakes from its nest.
Why the river flows
moving here and there and
over banks meant to keep it in,
the forces of a whim
the nature of the beast that is
the deepest part of these things,
these endless questions
maybe making no sense to you
but at a deeper level speaking to me.
I won’t say why things are
the way things are
or why things are not
but should be
could be
but it’s not my place
to whisper reprimand to this here,
this shadow ghost that keeps returning
day after day,
the presence that always lingers on the fringe
singing quiet
then louder still,
demanding to be heard as it slides in
through the holes in my head.
I am here
just because
and that’s the trouble with shadows,
they hang about causing mischief
and mayhem
and I don’t know but I think in the long run
I kind of like them.

Shadow moment captured

The line between light and dark

separated by the immovable

Beams of wood that cast shadows

ladder image moving up or down

side to side

the light thrust forward

leaving nowhere to hide.

I capture the moment

that moves with each second that passes

first here then there



changing shape as the day moves

and I sit here in the cool shade and ponder

the changing of the days

easy moments able to just stop

and admire

the art of natures light

gifting me with its work of art.

Thoughts as I sat on my deck watching the lines move, peaceful and easy and relaxed beyond the bars cast at my feet.

Sun shadow hound

To sit in the morning

early suns warmth

bones soothed

in a glow

shadows play on hound.

Dawn finds me waiting

for full light overhead

filling the earth with the glory

of late summers gift

casting a glow

white light prism

on the tired soul.

Shadow flight

Shadow world of night
Flying on chariots of soul
She searches for the solace
Of tangled thoughts.
High through night
Amongst stars and hidden spaces
The crevice of the mind alive
Just suspicious of the laughing moon
Who shines the light
Who exposes her flight
To the fancy whim of fickle Mars.
So far away a poet sits pondering
And reads books by those who have been
Long gone, but touched by words that still ring out
Like a solitary church bell beckoning
Come and worship.
Through worlds of music and fine pieces of art
She gives her heart on paper
Another poet whispering words
Touching someone today or maybe
A hundred years from now a child will read
Lost in wonder of the soul that could produce
The image that lies at that very moment
In that childs mind,
How could they know,
How could they have seen the secrets
Of their soul.

“I thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow, the million moving shapes and cul-de-sacs of shadow. There was shadow in bureau drawers and closets and suitcases, and shadow under houses and trees and stones, and shadow at the back of people’s eyes and smiles, and shadow, miles and miles and miles of it, on the night side of the earth.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

In and out

Dark moves overhead
Precursor to a rain
To be or not to be,
In and out
Sun pushes through
To spread heat
On damp grasses
Glistening below.
Will you stay this time
My bright friend
Will you be pushed away
By the instability
Of this summer day.
Openings spread
Beams shine in strips giving shadow
As you slowly set upon
This just another day
You have given me what I needed
To remember
To remind
That through the dark
You still shine on
Hidden perhaps
Yet still there
Temporary thoughts that this too
Shall pass.

Sun shadow play

I sit in peace
Sun soaked earth
Palm shadows move playfully
On walls.
Back and forth
The birds land and set off
Once again
Waiting for a scrap
A piece of bread.
Little black bird
One leg missing
Fights the others for a scrap
We call her peg,
Each day she touches down
Now well fed
She flies home to her tree top
And I sit
Closing my eyes
As the wind moves slowly
In a moment of endless time
And days marked by length
Of the shadows
That fall.

dusk drifting

Night is drawing around me
I lay on my back
Ready for slumber
Thoughts racing like greyhounds
Through my mind rabbit runs
Chase is on
I breath in
Sigh at the comfort of this bed.
Shadows on walls
Through cracks in the shade
I look up at the fan motionless
And realize in shadow
The blades cast images,
There is a perfect starfish
Beached on the ceiling.
Five rounded arms,
I roll over and I laugh
As I drift off to sleep,
Where will my brain
Reside next.
Hope is for dreams
Of sultry nights and beaches
And moving fans that slowly slice
The humid air,
And the only starfishes to be had
Will be living ones
Amongst shells and sand.