When I Get Very Old

This was awesome, the way it tugs at the old heart strings. If you’re a dog lover and have ever had an older slowing down much loved beastie, this one’s for you. Please visit original and leave comments there to Empty Nest/Full Life. Happy Monday folks and enjoy ❤

Empty Nest, Full Life

When I get very old, if I’m lucky enough to reach that milestone, I will give up my struggles to be perfect. I will eat brownies for breakfast and have ice cream for dinner, if that’s what I really want.

I’ll stop trying to be thinner or stronger or smarter or more accomplished.

When I get very old, I’ll lounge around all day in my pajamas and read trashy novels while eating a bag of chips.

You might wonder what has inspired me to accept the blessings of very old age.

Well, it was the Wolf King that did it.

I’ll let him explain in his own words.

IMG_20170810_103058 Only a week ago, I still needed my leash.

As soon as I woke up today, I knew that something unusual was going on. Man Who Walks Me was climbing up and down the stairs, bringing chairs and tables out into the…

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The Shine on and be awesome award

The shine on and be awesome award

  1. What song describes you the best?
  2. What food item do you detest?
  3. What is your favorite ice cream?
  4. What have you done lately that made someone smile?
  5. If you were an animal, what kind would you be and why?
  6. What makes you happy?
  7. If you could get rid of one word in the world, what word would it be?
  8. Why are you amazing….must answer!
  9. If you could be a car/truck/motorcycle, what kind would you be?
  10. Fill in the blank….This day is amazing because_________.
  11. What was your favorite memory as a child?

To accept award, copy and answer the following questions and offer award to anyone who wants to accept. Add more questions if you’d like or change-up in any way. The point is to have fun and learn more about your fellow bloggers and at the same time, realizing how awesome you truly are. I created this award as I’ve been nominated quite a lot lately for awards and always wanted to do one of my own. So if you’ve never received a nomination, this one is for you especially. Please feel free to display the badge once you’ve answered the questions and feel free to share with the world because we are all awesome and just need to remember it sometimes. Shine on my friends.

A light of love

I left the light on
Not sure if you noticed
It burned so bright
I thought it would start a fire
But still I left it on.
The light of love
Illuminating the space
Where love and time moves freely
Shining to the stars above
I left them all on
For you.
I lit each one with a wish
And set it in place
For you to blow out
One by one
Wishes to come true
And the only light to remain
From above
Moon and stars
Like a serenade
To harmonize with words
This love burning bright.
I left them all on
Then kept adding more,
Enough for the world
Till I ran out of fire,
So where ever you are,
If you can light one too,
With wishes of love
And leave them on
I will be coming back soon.