Lightness of being

Softly she rises,
her day moves languid like syrup
sweetness savored,
eyes slow to focus as she watches
the darkness turn to light.
This moment lifts her,
the new day to find
all she imagined in dreams of sleep,
body relaxed she steps through rooms
welcoming the ghosts of yesterday
to guide her through,
questions answered she finds she had always known
the final response,
expected and typical
she tucks the memory in her pocket
and slips away.
Who do we see
in the glimmer of bubbles that float
out of reach,
we who had created the beauty
and in loving set them free
to be found by someone searching
for just that tiny spark of happy,
unexpected gifts that deliver
a sense of whimsy and a reminder
of back when youth seemed to last forever,
we remember once more
that sense of freedom in rising
with endless hours to explore,
no fears or worries to mar the small mind,
just the summer that waited at the edge of school walls
and the feelings of being invincible,
a being with no bounds
a soul released to be.
The lightness of being beckons
to join the dance of life,
and embrace the beauty found,
hold fast the love
and let the darkness slip by the wayside,
for what matters is the journey
and the gift of friends found,
blessed and honored
we never forget the greatness
of days filled with so much.

Happy Birthday to my “niece up the block” and hoping the world enjoys the gifts this day brings, the beauty found and the greatness of this amazing universe.