Well do ya?

With weight loss we find old shorts fall down

don’t want to be out looking like a clown

in baggy pants ’cause now there’s no ass

now what’s a girl to do?

I found a pair at a local store

and tried them on two sizes less than norm

and waited for the magic in the mirror

to find a new butt in back of there.

But I was sad to find it wasn’t to be

there’s still no ass to show off for me

’cause once it’s gone it ain’t coming back

but at least I’m no longer showing off the crack.

Perhaps I should eat some peanut butter

or an entire container of fluffnutter

or a stick or two of Land O’Lakes

cause butter would make my butt look better.

Too many B’s for this girl to take

I’m sorry for this humor I make

I’m just jealous of those who have great curves

as I stand here with my flapjack tush

waiting for the better butt to be found

sorry folks, It’s still not round.

Just a little Wednesday hump day humor and thought I’d show off all I’m gonna show off of my new shorts. They were the only ones I could find in pine (olive color) as the other ones are falling off of me and covered with paint. Thanks for enjoying, and sorry I said the A word. Peace and desperately searching for it still.


Sweet thoughts 

The weather outside is so delightful

No cocoa to ease a snow so frightful

When the sun is shining down

There will not be a single frown

On the beach for holiday

With hearts so light and gay

Toes in the sand

Drink in the hand

And no snow, and no snow

Still no snow.

The palms are waving lightly

And our cheeks are pink and smiling brightly,

Not a care on the mind

Left it all behind

With the cold

And the snow

And the grey skies that blow,

A home so new for the holidays

With blue shining water and calm flowing waves,

I think we really like it this way

Strolling hand in hand

Pups are running in the sand

And Christmas in Venice a treat to the senses

Happy holidays my friends

Just a fun little post to make you smile.

How I made Monday my B*tch.

Gorgeous weekend now in the books

time to move to Monday,

ugh not that day, hate that day

think I’ll sleep in instead.

Dog licks my mouth and eyes

time to get up, grrrr no surprise,

grab the flashlight and move to the world

of darkness and dogs run amok,

can’t go in, ’cause no poop yet

so round we go on frozen grass

watching and waiting

and watching and waiting,

like Yukon Cornelious,

nope, still nuthin’.

Go and drink my coffee now getting cold

why is it days like this

can always make me feel so old.

So I pull out your stories and fears

and sitting here I share your tears

so I’ll spin you this  web

of a day in my life instead,

to tell you that starting now

gonna make myself smile somehow-

so we close our eyes and think

how to make some wonder and perhaps be surprised,

make this workday our B*tch once and for all,

we can get up and dance it off,

sing some silly songs too

come on join in,

me and you gonna get this disco blinking,

make the boss think that you’ve been drinking

ain’t gonna let this day get me down,

gonna close my eyes and picture

a naked party clown,

but just in case you’re not amused

sorry, you’re the one who will lose,

because today is just another day

and tomorrow may be the same way,

but I send you smiles and laughter too

with this silly tale to beat the blues,

the way you begin each day

is there for only you to choose.

I am writing this silly poem for my pal Steph, ’cause no matter how rough a day can be, you have us here to save the day. Now get out there people and be Rockstars and Heroes….fly that freak flag and get your jammin’ pants outta bed and dance….Yeah, ’cause that’s how I roll……

how can you not smile at the minions??