River of notes (for Heather)

She plays for me
The sweetest holiday memory
Mind drawn back into yesterday
To childhood and beyond.
She plays for me
Rivers of notes dancing
Piano twinkling with her fingers
Weaving magic for my ears.
She plays for me
Sounds of love and hope
Of sisterhood and the magic
I see her in my thoughts
Sweetly serenading universe of song.
She plays for me
Each song moving one into another
And I smile and feel so much
Emotion of happiness captured
On a disc that is part of our world.
She plays for me her song
Of togetherness and life,
Of all things so serene
And of the beautiful woman she has become
In each finger that touches the key
That unlocks the joy
For me.

Photo found at: http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large-5/piano-player-halina-plewak.jpg

Beautiful girl…

Did you know
How beautiful you looked,
Did you know I was watching
Each expression that crossed your skin,
The eyes lit with laughter
The somewhat sad expression
At the corners
That were there when you came
Into this world
What seems like not so long ago.
Did you know how I adore
The way you are spontaneous
And free with your love,
With your time
That I cannot picture my life
Without you around.
Did you know how beautiful you looked
And how very bad I felt
Knowing you were searching
For those special words
On your special day,
And that even though you watch from afar,
That you read,
Maybe liking,
maybe not,
the words that fall to the page,
And I could not find the words that day,
Life gets so busy
Takes our minds away
Squeezing in all that we can
And sometimes letting the words sit
Like an actor off stage,
Waiting for the best time
To make an entrance
To be heard.
You are beautiful
And blood runs so very deep
Miles away
I spoke the words then
That I can now speak out loud,
To my dearest sister
On a week late birthday poem,
This ones for you
Most beautiful soul
Most gracious smile
And most infectious laughter,
I cannot sing
But I can weave a word or two
Just to say
How much I love you.
Happy birthday sweet Heather….
Love you so.


In joyous cheer I sip
Morning coffee
Sunshine pouring through
Dog smudged glass
Warming my shoulders
Open mail
With a touch
Like a tie dye bouquet
A color burst of smiles it brings,
The joy I feel
Leaves me speechless ,
I smile for
She is here
She has come
A visit long due.
Not so long ago
Not so far away
I could sit beside her
And talk the night away,
But life
Stealing us away to live
To fall apart
To heal
To laugh
To sing
To live almost separate lives.
Blood ties
The heart binds
And she is there
Watching from afar
And my heart she sings
In happiness.
Welcome sister,
To my world
Of words.
Have some coffee and stay awhile,
I’ve missed you.