Living layers

Lost in the deepest corners of the darkest sleep

hours pass living out scenes with strangers

and eyes that dig deep with knowing

into the soul as we watch the moment

like a television show first seen in color,

with wonder we breathe in the clouded air,

as if a long-lost spirit you’ve once known

watching you intently with a hint of smile,

as you recognize somewhere below

in that layer that you knew existed,

yet had never entered-

the calm moves over smoothing the storm

as the heart beats in time

with the dream realm story before you.

In dreams do we see

hints of those passed on into the energy of now,

connections of spirit that call to us,

we wake refreshed and smiling

for even in knowing the experiences not real

yet always remembered with a certain fondness for their being.

Do we gather lessons we’ve learned

while visiting these corners of the mind,

are the faces unfamiliar yet known

perhaps sent for reasons beyond our minds perception?

Deep eyes looked into mine and I had the sense

they were sent with a message

and as the weight of days were lifted and carried,

I felt like I could fly into the gathering clouds

knowing that movement was now needed

to join the underlying layer

to become one with the deepest self,

to be

to breathe upon waking

into a realm of peace.

Thoughts on a dream I had last night, a stranger whose eyes seemed so very familiar, kind and light and in conversation I left, walking away feeling as if the weight I had carried had been lifted away and that in allowing, I had become free. I like dreams like that ❤


We unite in thoughts
caught in shades and hues of life,
how we feel
like afterthoughts caught,
unexpectedly stinging like a solemn bee
just hanging about
doing its thing
lashing out because
threatened things do what they do
and you cant hate the things that cause pain
when its the little needling thoughts
that keep doing their thing,
so no surprise
when welts arise
and a tear is shed
because for that moment
we had become unconnected
from the natural world,
dwelling in potions
things that dull
and like Alice meandering through
searching for the cat and tea party,
looking like deer in the headlights,
and we fall into the rabbit hole once more.
So we stop,
and breathe,
and be,
because what else can one do to make sense,
to lose ones self into the purple haze
of quiet days
where no answers are needed
and the best moments are to be
drifting on the calm
beneath purple skies
wondering what it was
that disrupted us to begin with
and always leaves us at the end of the day
when can we return
even with the jolt that delivered us,
knowing as our bodies become grounded
that we just need to be there
where the silence calls
and we know the words of that song
by heart.
We’ve been here before
a lifetime ago,
fancy how things talk to us
in their own special way,
I like to think at times
it’s like going home again
even if a sky and universe away….
we still remember
because of the unconscious sting
that raises to remind
it is all relative.

Night skies

Streaking past eyes
Perpetually watching
streaking stars race through
dust of the night things
glittering like diamonds.
Purple reigns in her mind
time flying past
out of sight
and the mind soothed
as the color flows
mid spring skies awaken
with the coming of dawn
just another star that fell
on distant lands
in a universe high.

My second art piece created today, practicing with the sea salt in the sky, and masking fluid meteors flying by….having fun, another working day, heigh ho….and off I go.

Shades of gray

Paper mache thoughts
staircase of memory moving in skies of the mind,
he cuts out the stars they say
building his universe piece by piece,
and hanging the brightest
slightly shrouded in mystery
behind a veil of emotion.
Water winds its way through to find
his toes cautiously testing to find
hot or cold
as he leaves the ripples behind
he watches them undulate into
the common answering wave,
as they slip together along the seam
becoming one they move
in and out from source.
He paints to live
in this world of pain,
wracked by unanswered questions,
he knows where his sail is moving
as he coasts along in the playground of mind,
cutting shapes
he puts them together like his worries on a shelf,
one at a time he stares at them all,
knowing it feels like never enough-
he looks for the guiding star he had lost
to find it resting quietly waiting
where he had always left it,
tucked into the heart.

Between here and here

Another day and another story
Updates swirling bringing skies of rain
and I sit here knowing what was already known,
don’t need no more bad news…
’cause life is life
and until the shoes are worn
ain’t no one knowing
just gossip remaining
and the remaining sounds of a tune
sung like a hymn,
remembering when.
Nothing can change the course of time
we come
we go,
and all that remains are words for what it’s worth,
for some so much,
for some just a mark on the wall of growing,
endless…till we’re done
then we go back perhaps to start again,
depends who’s asked
but all I know is invisible faces
match the ache for those missing,
and the news broadcast,
just another story
like we all have,
pain and love and loss and what lies between
here and here
and all the empty spaces
waiting to be heard,
waiting for the story in truth be told,
our real truth as we know it,
as we hide it
as it will be written on empty skies tinted
in shades of purple
and still the rains a’comin
and there ain’t no stopping what was written
on Heavens stone
way back before
we came round.
Gotta shout
wanna cry
and I don’t really know why
’cause its just another story
meandering through every one that came before
and all that wasn’t known
what wasn’t seen
in between.

Falling skies

To live here,

A place of peace and natures magical shows

Skies come alive in darkness and light,

On fire as the sun settles in for sleep.

Red tipped clouds whispering,

Crimson dipped tendrils hanging

Waiting for my gaze.

I reach up as if to touch

The flame of evening moving through

Lost in wandering thoughts I remain

Motionless as a statue

Barely breathing as if I forgot how,

Lost in the rapture of now.

I long for sweet scenes

Images forever singed into my memory,

Each sun that rises

Too must set

To return once more like a welcoming friend

Sunshine smiles warming my skin

Scent of tropical oils on air

Hanging on a dream

Come true.

Endless blues

To feel the witness marks of endless blue

Silk falls calm on waves as the sky touches

That which only it sees

Cast on endless seas that reach out

Touching softly the tender spaces

Where life clings in solitude

Reeling in memories like silver trinket fish

Flopping about at the bottom

Of life’s boat that drifts

Aimlessly into the mist.

Froth as sweet as a shake mixed

By the hands of the universe,

Stirred and blended into intoxicating thickness

Treasures unearthed beneath 

As the tide pulls out into the deeper darker blue

Of days that move along on the surface

Yet below there waits a world of visions,

Of colored stars and rainbow fins

 where the air leaves us helpless

To stay for very long,

And we bob along like sea birds

Riding waves like errant surfer boys

Skipping school and finding calm

And peace in hanging on

riding the swell into home.

On clouds of thought

My mind rests high above

Cotton candy circus clouds

Below the big top sun

And spin silently round and back

Reaching heights unseen

Locked into a spring time dream

On clouds of thought

Spent at the midway.

A ticket to ride

Pennies the price

Through fog of chance

I see the lights below

Yet not ready yet to let it end,

This ride put up then stripped down again

And moving along to the next destination

Rising up yet again

Waiting for new thoughts to climb in

To see the eternal sights

Under the star filled skies tonight.

Come one

Come all

Thrills and spectacles abound

Just make a wish and it will be

The joy for all eternity.

The fair is in town and seeing the big tents in the distance as we drive, remembering as a child all the magic and fun inside. Oh, and there’s rides too…..

And there I became one

Beyond the shallow edges of sleep

There arose in a dream the floating essence

Rocking gently below a star filled sky

Adrift to anywhere my thoughts wandered

On glistening waves

Finding my way home.

It was there that I fell into a darkness so deep

Like midnight seasons with no moon in sight,

Falling below the thick night air

Moisture saturating my soul.

In a far away place I came to stop

Endless beaches with no souls in sight,

Just sand as far as I could sea

Beckoning me to walk awhile.

I came to a fire that glowed in solemn silence,

No prints to mark another’s passing,

Just a small stack of wood ready

A place to sit and rest a spell.

I began to hum a song from long ago,

From years before I became this being,

A song of longing and lost thoughts found

The words still eluding me,

Yet on each breath I felt the strength find me,

Images came to mark the destiny

And I knew that this was where I was meant to be

And it was there that I became whole.

I returned to the vessel that carried me

Once more back into the endless opening

And rocking once more on the gentle waves

Back and forth drifting

Alive below a million stars that sang to me

The words I had lost

That would finally show me

The direction home.

Gorgeous image found on Pinterest.

A quiet place of dreaming

I know she will come

Through the night shades and clouds

Caught between midnight dreams and waking

She will find me.

I will stand with eyes bright

Gazing at the spectacle of stars

As they drift in and out of focus

In this quiet place of dreaming.

Soon there will be a sound of water

The lapping of simple waves at low tide

Returning to their distant shores

And I will leave prints of my being

Marked upon the universe of pages

Turned slowly and savored.

I will unite with her here

Where the horizon meets the ocean,

With an embrace of knowing

I will be home

In the arms of the cosmic love

That pulls me forward

To greet a new tomorrow.

The silly moon kept playing games with me last night in sleep, waking me several times as she moved across the sky, slipping between the edges of the curtain before she slipped away again. Silly moons make me smile.