A bit of glitter

Still waters beckon to dip toes

Shells in piles as the tiny waves meander in and out

A bit of glitter dons the sea

Gifts from the sky.

I know there will be a peace found here

As colors of the water lull my mind

Blue-green hues speak softly to me

As I escape into the sweetest moods.

Clouds dapple the skies yet azure reigns supreme

Where shades blend and meet in the middle

Like quiet rooms where the heart lay

Adrift in sea spray theme

Gentle moments soothe.

Yesterday we took a short stroll down Blind Pass key, hard walking with so many tiny shells and the water lapped areas allowed the toes to sink so far into the sand…still a beautiful beach, but then I find most are. I’m kind of biased that way….need more beach days for sure, it’s been too long. Peace and sand, K

Out and In

Clouds above shuffle across the skies

moving past the yellow rays of warmth

settling on the thoughts with a cool fervor

and we flow along with the mood

out and in to the moment.

Life still goes on regardless

and we sway in our words as they cloud our mind

picking and choosing each perfect piece

cotton candy sweetness comforting

as back they move once more

circling around as if to say pick me

and we ponder the meaning,

the feeling

and we grab them all together and throw them in the air

seeing what falls first into waiting hands

content with the confetti sentences

we rub them with our magic crayons

exposing what lies below

what is now uncovered

we look up to see the waiting sun

and feel the warmth once more

move out and in.

Set free

I walked into the softness of a morning broken

soundless skies speak and the moon hangs

like a balloon that has lost it’s string yet hovers

just out of reach

floating gently on this calm sky

and I watch in wonder

set free in thoughts of how many others

see the same image

and dream through the rest of their day

of a stunning ball of white

saying adieu

as the sun greets and takes charge

of this spectacle

in her power she glistens off of the same sky

sharing the moment

in perpetual silence.

Beautiful Image found at:  http://fineartamerica.com/featured/blue-moon-july-full-sturgeon-moon-robin-samiljan.html