Day off, thank you Mr President…..

On a well deserved day off, paid for by my employer, I took a selfie for the occasion…..ok it really isn’t me but as I sit here still in my bathrobe, feet cold and fourth cup of coffee flowing in my veins, I am pondering my list of intentions for this day. Now these are in no particular order of course but I will get to them all…..I think.
1. Get dressed already. So hard to do when the pup is on my feet keeping them cozy.
2. Tidy up….dishes, make the bed, etc….cat yak already cleaned up as she did it right next to me.
3. Out to lunch with Mom if she can make it.
4. Shop for essentials…that would be Guiness and dog bones.
5. Fold the laundry I did yesterday and put it away…they are socks….they don’t wrinkle so what’s the rush. Besides, the cat is comfy too in the basket.
6. Make dinner…which tonight is Goulash, which my hubby lovingly refered to as Ghoulash…as in ghoulish….scary…hey hon, I know you are reading this and nodding.
7. Take a shower…hope hair dries before I leave or it will look like my frozen web post earlier. Then I could catch a cold, then I would have to call in to work…hmmmmm. Now that sounds like a plan.
8. Eat breakfast…two slices of cheese….yep, can cross this one off of the list.
9. Stop and get new tag for the pup….in case she forgets who she is….although she is doing quite well at answering to “hey, come back here damn it!!!!”
10. Feed the birds….and the squirrels, and the mice or anything else that is emptying the feeder daily.
Ok, a hefty project I know, but one way or another I know at some point I will get off the couch and move. Um, yeah, come on sloth….you can do it. (See, I can read my husbands mind when he is miles away).
Moving honey….no fear…