By design

A thousand smiles
turned up then down
as time flies
black and white gives way
for clear view
laced on cracks and crevices
all equal in their time
slipping away in the blink
of an eye of an eclipse.
Shadows give fodder
for minds memory
to tweak with filters
of a masters hand
as the touch comes to greet
to embrace
and sweetly let go
off on its way
across the universe
leaving us with the sight
caught in shining metal boxes
and upside down crescents
who become whole in the light
as the orb settles past
into its space
and the light blinds
with the heat of an afternoon day.

Eyes of love (Ode to Apple)

Through the sweetest eyes you speak to me

The love so deep within that waits for a simple hello,

I know what it is you’re thinking

as I have always known since the first time I saw you

hundreds of miles away in a cage,

sadness filled you then-left behind and forgotten

but now you have us and our undying affection

and as you speak to me with those eyes

it’s almost as if were you to be able to talk

I know you would surely say…..

Can I have a treat? How about a bone? Is it bone-thirty yet? 100_1582Can I have a biscuit? Whatcha got there for me? Can I have some too? Did you say walk? Did you say ride? I think I smell steak on that grill, am I right? Can I share some of that with you? I want to go out…I want to go in…..I think I’ll just get this dirt all good up there on your nice bed, okay? Hmmmmm….yep, that’s what she’d say.


River of notes (for Heather)

She plays for me
The sweetest holiday memory
Mind drawn back into yesterday
To childhood and beyond.
She plays for me
Rivers of notes dancing
Piano twinkling with her fingers
Weaving magic for my ears.
She plays for me
Sounds of love and hope
Of sisterhood and the magic
I see her in my thoughts
Sweetly serenading universe of song.
She plays for me
Each song moving one into another
And I smile and feel so much
Emotion of happiness captured
On a disc that is part of our world.
She plays for me her song
Of togetherness and life,
Of all things so serene
And of the beautiful woman she has become
In each finger that touches the key
That unlocks the joy
For me.

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