We stir the sediment

raising the fragments to the surface

under sunlit horizons trickling down

resting below the edge

on the bottom of the mind.

Clarity moves in while we linger

lost in idle conversation the clearing begins

smooth rippled awareness changes

the way we see through

the darkness.

Silken flow of thought

focused and secure in its richness

golden waves make the sweetest of memories

as the clutter moves out of view

and the goodness rises to greet

the open heart.

Seeing through the surface to forever

aware of each breath and emotion,

slumbering thoughts awakened

something so easy

when finally grasped like water falling through

cleansing the palette of a parched soul.

Sweetness of life

Her words flow through me like syrup

falling over my soul

sticking to my thoughts in sweet sugar goodness

filling my mind

with joy.

Amber rich movement

slow and steady flow

sliding down to hit their mark

satisfaction topped smile.

Pure and thick I can hear the emotion

as only the lady can say

and I reach out roots into the depths

tapping the beauty of soul

that she is,

pouring her heart to the world

in sweet movements,

drop by precious drop

of love.

One step into calm

I get mesmerized by shades of life,

Purples into blue

Sweet lavender hue sweeping across skies

In the depths of my mind,

Remembering once upon a time

Before it softly drifts away.

I close my eyes and surrender to quiet

Fueled by the present beating of a heart like a drum

Softly played in the distance

Breathing in and out

Trying to capture the essence

Vanilla and jasmine on the wind

Playfully distracting me

From the task at hand.

I move deeper into the shallow spaces

Beneath an image I project in place

Of what should be

Yet denied the total immersion

Into the waiting hands of

A blissful moment.

So I go back in time

To that place of a sky torn in two

Between darkness and light

I ride the fine line

Knowing I will be blown on the winds of change

To where I need to be.