Memories of a moment

Small child sits upon a downed tree below a sign,

His sister sits beside him under a sleepy fall sun

And I drive by slowly watching beyond the glass.

A parent takes a photo,

A woman moves backwards,

Camera raised to catch the scene

And the boy looks up to the birds that fly

There on a dirt road.

Precious mountain it is called,

A place I’ve never been

Yet the image keeps returning to me,

The moment forever captured in a strangers memory keeping box

And I wonder if as the years pass by,

Will those children remember that very moment,

Will happy memories of a day in the warm morning

Come flooding back to bring joy.

I am here though in a separate place

Far from that gentle beauty of nature,

The snow falls around me

Showering down like asteroids in a game I recall,

I imagine my car as the blaster

Shooting particulate to dissipate these huge orbs

And they cover me and I watch alert

Remembering days of no school

But grown now and expected to be

In places that need to keep moving

And my car barrels through

As my mind drifts away

To that snapshot I had taken in time

Remembered so far away.

Thoughts on coming home from Florida a few months ago and a family taking photos, capturing memories….the snow races two inches an hour and to work I move, lost in thoughts of a yesterday.

Wishful color

Surrounded by fifty shades

Of white and grey

As the sky keeps falling

In crystal formations 

Higher and higher sweeping

This iced wonderland away.

I dream of beaches and sunset skies

Filled with a warmth of endless color

As I move through clouds rippled

With the thoughts of peace.

So near and yet so far

As hands become brittle icicles stiff

Hanging useless as these temps drop

Into negative.

Yet I see in my mind a place

Where positive motion rides waves through

Into a new day

And a sun that melts upon the world

A warmth that thaws the soul,

Citrus colored skies in memory

Greets my frosted mind as I sit here

Seeing my breath expelled into a fog

And a darkening sky above waiting

For the next round to arrive

Blanketing the here and now

In an emptiness of white

Crisp and clean.

Living here in Western New York, after shoveling almost a foot yesterday of fluffy white snow and realizing I shall be locked in perpetual ground hog day, reliving it over and over again for the future of this week. Argh…..have mercy snow machine….I surrender.

Light thoughts

At night the fireflies come
Waking me from slumber
Cocooned in cotton
As I dreamt of snows that fall
Under the white orb in the distance
Leaving me in thoughts of how
With skies filled with little flakes
So light as they touch down
Can I still see the silver moon.
Flashes of Crystal
Tiny lights meld into a world
Filled with images
Of faerie and scattered speckles
Of a flashing light that calls
Come out to play.
I awoke to find the rain
Slipping down panes in rivers
And I knew I had a dream
As snow was not to be on sultry June nights
And I was happy to see the storm
Carry away my mind to new places
As I felt the warm winds blow from the south
Knowing summer was soon to arrive
Chasing the winter white away
Except for in
Places of dreams.