My mind is lost in clouds of bliss

in a land where the silence of emptiness rings on air

and the softness of peace cocoons the soul.

Manic moves come to abrupt endings

and I stand on the edge of the reflections

wondering what it is I now see within.

Lost at times yet still searching,

wandering the mind like a bohemian child,

the lost chord is waiting to be found

and the bells of the winds beckon to follow.

I need to be here in this place

where endless skies kiss the peaceful water

edged by land that left no prints behind,

forging forward to the destiny and faith

breathing in the slivers of dryness

parched lips sing hymns of patience

and set free the song of a time of believing.

I come to ask the clouds for their wisdom,

the drops of harmony and life-giving measure

caught in a cup and sipped slowly,

savored for the life force it gives.

beautiful image found at;  http://vicki73.deviantart.com/art/Endless-Skies-179350061


Dreams come to pass
In and out of a tired mind
Seeking the solace
Of a sleep so deep.
Magic worlds spin through
People and places
Faces of friends drop in
To sit a spell and reminisce.
Cool forest stream
Runs casually at my feet
This illusion world
Calms, soothes.
I wander
Step by step
Feeling the peace
Of the moss beneath my toes
And the birds watch
This dreamscape world
As sleep rocks my mind
Like a lullaby,
Softly humming
To the horizon of the sun
Rising gently
To wake refreshed.