The front row seat

eyes closed under the sun that sweeps

in and out in her finest cloud stole,

the notes play like a symphony

and I am carried away in the peace of the present.

Musical interlude

invisible strings pluck the bars

as the twinkling pitch of sound

drift on the wind to my ears.

I am lost in the hymn of the whisper of breeze

endless in its beauty,

a gift of a piece that marks the moments

as sweet escape into the concerto.

Monday funday

I went to sleep last night after reading way too much about the political parties and I decided as I lay down I would ask for answers in my dreams. Well, I woke up pretty much decided and I must say, besides being sick of political parties, I’ve chosen today to be an anything but politic party. Thinking back to when days were simpler, or at least I think they were, perhaps I was just young and innocent and naive, but I’m going to enjoy my day and not let any bickering, nastiness and just plain aggravation get in my way. This song has been churning in my head and I thought you’d like to take a little listen to inspire your mood in a happier way. Tomorrow I shall vote and be quite happy to see the end of the commercials and strife, even though I know it will just come from different angles than currently being played out. So today is Monday Funday and I challenge you to just smile, dance, write, or whatever it is that brings you joy and carries you away from the drama. Do you know of any other songs that I can replace in my head besides this one? Starting to go a bit daffy….but I am laughing regardless, so that my friends, is a mighty good thing. Peace and love people, to all. Click below link to hear my fun song 🙂

Babe, what would you say?

Black and white photo of fun found on internet…can I go back and be seven again? Please?



Stormy Weather Yesterdays

“Rain, your rhythm on my window pane
Drives me insane because I can’t face the music
Without singing the blues”

The lady, she sings softly in the corner
sharing the tears of her heartbroken world
stained in the blues of insecurity
broken shell crumbling to the ground.
Stormy weather movin’ in
to the beat of a yesterday song
and it don’t matter ‘ cause we all know the tune
when the skies turn dark
and the soul finds the gloom
of another rainy day fallin’
when happiness won’t come callin’
what’s a lady to do.
A voice of ages with the jazzy beat
yesterdays child lost in defeat
of the demons calling
and the empty street,
solitary sound of losing the game
no time left to begin again
when there is no shelter for a broken heart
and no ones waitin’ at the end of the day
her ghostly spirit drifts away
and nothing remains but a memory
calling me to sigh
wash that darkness through
to gather the light to see the way
past stormy weather
again today.

Thoughts listening to Billie…..singing the blues….no fears folks….I’m havin’ a good day. Just words that fell out of the mind inspired.