Scooping dreams

Different from others

nestled amongst the large and small

from where you came we know not

only that your words give thought

with each time you move into the corners

like smooth motioned gathering

cradled gently in your hold

no sharp edges to be found

in the daydreamers reverie.

Mixed images with a heart of love

you stir the soul bringing from the depths

like the cream of goodness rising to the top,

moving in and around

folding into each memory a pinch of sweetness

to be remembered

like a spoon full of love overflowing

with the shine and sparkle of a new day rich

and we lift you with a smile

tucking you in our hands and hearts

sharing the masterpiece

of a delicate creation

made with joy,

the taste of a treasure

flavored with love.

This began with the act of drying dishes and finding one spoon that we got from somewhere, not matching the rest but large and easy to use for making everything, in this case, dough for my husbands bagels….he does make great bagels and I look forward tomorrow to breakfast….stirred with love ❤ and handcrafted by the master chef of my life ❤

In and out

We move in stages

smooth like stone worn by the hands of time,

colors blended to become a whole

perfection found in corridors.

We open our thoughts to places in dreams,

walking silently as we listen to the wind,

whispered history of centuries passed

while we feel the energy flow

from the ground to our soul.

In and out of sleep and dreaming

I know these places from lifetimes ago,

hands smooth the surface of images found

balancing the mind in the context of this time.

Who do we become when we step knowingly

the rabbit run of mazes and mystery,

rushing to the party for a last cup of tea,

that stained these walls with their leaves and scent

waiting for rain to brighten the hue

as the dryness becomes

a part of the daily life

and these mountains carved know the secrets

told by the seer before time began,

we become transfixed listening

for that heartbeat of the universe.

In that space

Between the stars that shine

scattered like ash on the still water

Movement becomes slow and steady

as the heart beats like a comet passing,

breathing in and out

taking each moment and with care

weighing it back and forth

all of the thoughts and feelings

letting it slip away to move to the bottom

uncluttering the beauty that remains

reflective like a sweet dream.

Skies lit with watercolor memories

yesterdays rerun returning at unwelcome times

lashing the mind with its inhumane need

to rise up and be heard,

so I push it back down softly

into the murky depths where it belongs,

unseen and silenced I listen to a loon on the air,

filling the night with its quiet strange song

and I know in this space between

is where my soul belongs,

captured on the motionless screen of water,

dancing like a stray tear that ripples

disrupting the image

and the loon keeps its tune

to the rhythm of this night

and I stand aware

of all that is

and of all that will be.

Realm of a black hole moment

In sleep I watched as the tale was told,
Unfolding in slow motion
each scene like a movie
old Hollywood days long gone.
Hanging on edges with nowhere to move,
mapping the escape out one step at a time
rolling into the zone of freedom
as the plastic strip moved wildly
slapping the machine
ticker tape gone wild.
I knew as eyes opened and closed,
the deepness like that of a whales black marble eyes,
endless darkness that feels so much
yet you can only imagine
in such a small way
when beside such endless majesty.
Slipping into the depths once more
out of view with a slight splash
wondering where to journey next
in this vast expanse of dreamscape life,
holding my breath
yet knowing an endless supply is mine,
I move into the deep cold wonder
surrounded by a view
only experienced
in the quiet moments
of a golden sleep undisturbed.

Threading the needle

Moving in circles, in and out

threading the needle with words heard,

rhyme and reason and so many years passing us

as the skies swirl like frosting,

the icing on the cake

so sweet like the knowledge

of a friend listening.

I hear the song like a phonograph record

turning round on its table

as the needle finds its groove

so very smooth

and the tunes fill the mind

leaving the tired space of life behind

and we close our eyes losing ourselves

in the moment of peace.

Above all we ponder the amazing scene

of cutout pieces of planets and stars

and as she sits on the stairs

her head moves in time constant and steady

as she smiles remembering

the good times and the youth not too far behind,

in this song she is alive

her heart beats so strong and there is no other place

she needs to be

but sitting and waiting in the flow

of the now.

Journeys take us to strange and distant places

but we’re never so far behind

as to get caught up

in the blink of an eye

that still sees all

between the spaces of words,

He hears the belief

in higher things.

Time of space

I see words that flow into my being

caught in the beauty of images before me

positive and negative

like magnets as a child, repel and attract

a thousand bits of fragmented metal

creating an image with an invisible force.

I find it all important in the big picture

as dreams take me into strange realms I’ve known,

places I feel I’ve been before

reliving moments perhaps from centuries gone

returning round to end back at the start,

with a strange and pleasant catch in my heart

I know that I am where I need to be,

everywhere and nowhere

depending on the moods of the sun and sky

feeling alive in the spaces

connected to the dots

picture formed complete

frame to make it art

or shred into pieces to blow on the wild wind

it’s always free no matter where,

the ashes of the stars fall upon me

and I am anointed with positivity.

Inspired by the following words: Negative space…I wondered why it couldn’t be positive space or both? I like positive…things to ponder in my mind….

“Negative space, in art, is the space around and between the subject(s) of an image. Negative space may be most evident when the space around a subject, not the subject itself, forms an interesting or artistically relevant shape, and such space occasionally is used to artistic effect as the “real” subject of an image.”


Our human clocks wind down
Sun hides below the edge of our vision
eclipsed moments as two circle round each other
trying to find the balance
as the calm settles.
Just another day moving past us
and we moved and shimmied our ways through
things that needed to be done
mopping and slopping
and a quiet meandering walk with the girls
as the neighborhood settles
neon glow in windows and open garages
and its so very simple
as we all go about our days,
as the muscles relax into the comfortable places
familiar spot on the end of a couch
and the Cubs have their moment
with the energy so palpable
and I sit here
unwinding like a little spring
that found itself wound too tight
but now is the time
tuck behind and find peace in the hours
where the dark throws its shadows
like a fast ball not noticed
until it had passed.
I listen to this silence,
a new art found,
just listening
not speaking for it’s easier to
and to not load the bases
but to just let it all go,
to not add ego into the mix
for nothing is worth losing the peace
and tomorrow will be another day
so these words said will once more
hide themsleves away in their glory
awaiting life at another time
when the sun is eclipsed by the moon
and strength will be had
old superstitions and anger will falter
into emptiness
for that is the way
of this soul.

Cosmic wanderings

Waking from a sleepless dream

A thousand stars colliding in unison

Cosmic wanderings of a moving soul

Awake to the beauty of it all.

I’ve lived in skies of purple 

Sipped from the haze of a lazy sun

Drowned myself in the oceans of love

And floated so high above.

Days go past like trains on rails

And I feel the edges wearing into smooth

The bumps seem less shattering

And the highs seem so low

When filtering through the dust of a cosmic miracle.

Reborn in the mind and soul it seems

Everything is here and still in between

The days and nights and twillight scenes

Captured in the every day dream.

I read the words of the universe

Then let it free like a kite on a string

To fly into somewhere on the ethereal stream

Above and beyond


I received this letter from the universe the other day and loved it so I thought I’d share….if you don’t get the love letters from the universe, you should….Monday thru Friday my days are brighter…( letters from the universe.

It’s so tempting, Kimberly, to look at your present life situation, at whom you’re with, at where you work, at what you have and have not, and think to yourself, “This was obviously meant to be… I’m here for a reason.” And to a degree, you’d be right. But you are where you are because of the thoughts you used to (and may still) think, and so you are where you are to learn that this is how life works — NOT because it was meant to be. 
Don’t give away your power to vague or mysterious logic. Tomorrow is a blank slate in terms of people, work, and play, because it, too, will be of your making. You will again have that sense that it was meant to be, no matter who or what you’ve drawn into your life. Nothing is meant to be, Kimberly, except for your freedom to choose and your power to create. 

Edge of solitude

She found me there,

Waiting on the edge of solitude.

The little star, most beautiful of a thousand stars

Shining her light to guide my thoughts

In the direction of everywhere

But within.

She whispered of my dreams,

Some I had not recalled for a million years,

Where I had come from and who I had become,

Who I was yet to become.

All of those secrets hidden in a basket of linens

And yellow paged books in plastic,

Folded and tucked into the trunk of childhood

And the scent remained in each crease,

Memories light on the air like incense,

Tendrils rising higher to carry my mood into

The stars that sat idly by ignored,

Yet gaining intensity as I walked among them

And she smiled at me and laughed

Like a hundred crystal bells ringing

Heralding the morning of awakening,

Giving birth to the moment

I was born once more. 

We became one in the heavens

Before I fell gracefully back down,

And I came to rest on the delicate frond of a tall tree

And the ocean gathered close caressing the roots

That were planted so deep

And it is there I rest at night to sleep,

Amongst the flickering lights I wait

For her to find me waiting

To refresh the next memory lost,

To birth the next star seed.

Into the vortex

Darkness swirls on edges lit

As a a thousand suns speak years away

We meander on in a search for truth,

For the journey within to uncover stones

The path we found

The road to home.

Within the heart I’ve travelled years

In tunnels damp from giants tears 

That slid down past the mountain wall

And darkness shoved down

Deep in the hole.

Yet we emerge to lights of day

And shove aside the thoughts of grey

Still rise above on stars of glass

Looking through to see yesterday’s passed

And hallways marked no entry there

And coming close, we find we’re here

Where magic spins its silken web

And wraps us in a bridge of no fear

We spiral out to come back in

Welcome friend, we meet again.

The dark hours fade into the morn

And with each light we are reborn

To find ourselves in spaces new

Below the silken skies of blue,

The water’s edge will call us in

To wash away the pain of then

Emerging whole

To begin once more.

Random thoughts in passing after a writing seminar this evening. So many trying to make it or to reinvent and be seen, yet slipping between the cracks I find I like to watch and just be who I am, spinning like a star, moving through in light. A tired mind oft times makes no sense…..enjoy my spiral of dusted scatterings. Peace, K