Stages of flow

Easing between the posts,
the milestones marked in levels
like watermarks rising and dipping
we measure our thoughts and feelings
against yesterdays lessons and knowing
tomorrow is still some time away.
Illuminating the positives
we walk on the water of courage
never peering down into the depths,
but gracefully stepping
farther into unknown
eager to find the wave of energy
to carry us home.
Systems of orbs move high
above our threshold a dream awaits
in the stage of flow
we are bouyed by the energy
drifting and gazing
our languid thoughts ebb and flow
and as we reach the edges,
we step onto the shifting ground
and fall in to the rhythm of our lives,
in and out of the moments aware
we fall in and become
our truest selves.

Getting back into the groove of stream of consciousness writing, realizing at times how much I miss the spilling of words from the regions unknown, the pockets of images in my mind and another beautiful day on tap to lift them up and out. Peace and blessings and oh happy day to all.


In the depths of silence
there lies an emptiness felt.
Peace fills the chasm
as we gaze into the dark hole
of the unseen soul.
We feel it
palpably the energy collected
given and received
then turned free once more,
for it returns then
and only when flowing over the edge
of the abyss of this universe,
we close our eyes and draw in
like breath so sure
steady and even we whisper its name,
knowing it as only we could
for it is ours and theirs
the same and no more
yet no less than all.
The centered orb lingers
in glowing light animated
like a force unheralded turning
whirlpools and hurricanes no match
as it draws in and breathes life force
sustaining the knowing
the believing
in its circle of love.

Paths of tomorrow

We kick our way along dirt roads
concrete jungles
mazes of buildings radiating the summer sun,
gazing at grasses that change
with the coming of the shorter days
colors slowly fading
into their winter coats for slumber.
We take each step
eyes on the farthest horizon
yet never forgetting to stop now and then
hesitate on the side of the path
to see the tender flowers that bloom
whether we notice them or not.
We chose these paths that take us
near and far
and places in between
waiting to explore
this and always so much more,
with a peace in our heart we heal
we hope for the skies to clear
the stars to align
but are content in just letting it all be
for it will do what it always does
whether we notice or not.
Calm is in the soul
where it could be rocky and slippery
I walk today as I did yesterday
with a heart filled with love
and an eye for a beautiful today and tomorrow,
a few last steps before I’m done
then to sit and relax in the setting sun
just being

Shortly off to my last day at work. Had a blip in my plans for the coming week but after doing some breathing soul work and healing, let it go and felt the calm ensue throughout my soul…slept good and deep and woke feeling refreshed and ready to chart a new course with each step I take. Always in a mode of a loving heart, I let go the dark and embrace the light of each day I am given. Truly blessed and am always amazed at the way I change when I allow it all to flow….to let it go and just be. I cannot change others, I can only allow change to happen within. Feeling loved, blessed and tonight at 5, free at last 🙂
Gonna miss my visit with a beautiful friend this week but someday, it will be ❤